Sunday, 21 October 2007

Plus Two Restaurant

Location: Sg. Dua, Penang
Actually we went there to have Western Breakfast but they no longer serve that. They only serve Wantan Mee, Toast Bread with Butter & Kaya and Half Boiled Egg.
So we order the Wantan Mee. When the noodles arrived, i looked @ it and told hubby hmm...... it doesn't look good to me. But when hubby taste it, he told me....... not bad! So...... that's mean " Good look does not mean taste good!" Hahahaha It really taste not bad but........ not the best i reckon. hahahaha We try the dinner b4 several times and they have many nice dishes. I would highly recommend the Marmite Chicken......... (I will take photo if we go there for dinner again next time!)


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