Saturday, 20 October 2007


My gal and Hubby are hungry after shopping a few shops. So we decide to take our lunch @ FOOD LOFT. It is the 4th floor @ Gurney Plaza. We went around to have a look what they offer @ FOOD LOFT. Then gal decide to take Spagetti Bolognese, Hubby had Shanghai fry seafood Ramien and i decided to take Thai chicken with special sauce. Their service is GOOD! Maintenance is so far so GOOD! Food is not bad. :)
Another piece of information, they offer variety of cuisine such as Italian, Western, Nonya, Shanghai, Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese.
Spagetti Bolognese
Hot Chocolate

Shanghai Fry Seafood Ramien
Orange Juice
Thai Chicken with special sauce - we like the side dish ( Cucumber, tomatoes with garlic, vinegar and basil) Even my gal like it! They put lots of fresh garlic and basil........yum! yum!

View from FOOD LOFT


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