Saturday, 13 October 2007

Vegetarian Lunch by Aunty Ngo Moi

Yesterday night i call mum and ask mum to tell Aunty Ngo Mui to cook more fried beancurd for us (Hubby & I) today. So in the early morning, Aunty Ngo Moi and Uncle Joo went to the market and buy 20pcs of beancurd. Swee Luan complaint to me during lunch. She said: " Because of you.......... my mum and dad did not waited for me. They just gave me 2 minutes. By the time i came down from stairs i already saw their car gone! And i have to cook instant noodles to eat @ home!"
Then Uncle Joo say: " Since it is vegetarian week we afraid that the beancurd sold off quickly!"
Hahahahahahaha Swee Luan don't complaint! We only went back once in a long long time! And your mum FRIED BEANCURD is really EXCELLENT! Thank you Aunty Ngo Moi and Uncle Joo!!!!!!
Our Lunch
Aunty Ngo Mui new dish ------Braised peanut with dried chilli. Yummy!

Siok Chai
Curry lamb with potatoes
Fry Kang kong with bean paste and chilli


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