Saturday, 6 October 2007

Pasar Ramadhan

Location: Bayan Baru, Lintang Mayang Pasir 4
I plan to go to Penang Ramadhan Bazaar for long long time and this year i make it to the bazaar with the help from hubby.

(from left to right) : Ayam Percik, Egg Pudding, Ayam Goreng and Pulut udang.
Nasi Tomato with fried small fish and curry fish
So i would like to introduce : (1) Ayam Percik - which is grilled chicken covered with special spicy marinade sauce. Cost $3.50 each.
(2) Pulut Udang - grilled glutinous rice with spicy prawn and coconut filling wrapped in banana leaf. Cost $0.50 each.
(3) Ayam Goreng ( Fried Chicken) - deep fried marinate chicken. Cost $2 each.
(4) Egg Pudding - It is highly recommended by hubby engineer. It is a sweet egg pudding. Cost $0.60 per piece.
(5) Nasi Tomato - tomato rice and we took fried small fish and curry fish which cost us $5.oo
On our way home, we take away fried rice for my gal which is her favourite recently from Neptune seafood, Desaria.


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