Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Golden Lake Food Corner Part III

During one weekday....... we are busy so we did not cook and hubby goes to take away. Hubby goes to the Golden Lake Food Court and get :

Pan Mee
Hubby orders for himself Pan Mee, he does not like the texture of the pan mee at this stall. lol

Bee Chai Bak Th'ng
It tastes not bad.

Nasi Pad Prik
Well.... hubby orders this for me. And this indeed is a very nice food. The Nasi Pad Prik has many ingredients in it and the sauce is nice and also a bit spicy. But I love it.

Zoom version of Nasi Pad Prik

Chicken Drumstick
Hubby order one piece of chicken drumstick for me to try. And the drumstick has a very nice aroma tastes. lol yum! yum!

Fried egg came with the nasi pad prik
Hubby tells me that this nasi pad prik stall is managed by malay aunty and uncle and she cooks many other things too. I will surely go back and try other stuff from this stall. lol


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