Monday, 29 December 2008

Tar Chang Jin Korean Restaurant

Location: Autocity, Juru.
Tel: 012584 7538/04-501 8997
Tar Chang Jin Korean Restaurant
After following my MIL to Bagan Serai, on our way back, we drop by Autocity to have our dinner. We are not sure what to have for our dinner, then we drove passed this restaurant, we decided to give it a try. This restaurant is located at the 1st floor of the building. We find our way by taking a lift up and managed to get to this restaurant. There are no customers except us when we arrived at the restaurant.
The restaurant is very big and cosy. And the waitress are all dress up in Korean style but I did not take any photos of them. My gal loves their dresses very much. Very colourful. lol
They are all very friendly and attentive to their customers.

Interior of Tar Chang Jin Korean
After we browse through the menu, we decided to order COUPLE SET.
Which consist of:
2 BBQ + 2 main + 8 side dishes + 2 teas

Fresh Lettuce

8 side dishes
My gal finished all the not spicy side dishes and told me that it tastes very nice and I like their Kim Chi. lol

Turkpokkee(Spicy Korean Rice Cake)
The rice cake is same with the Chinese style rice cake. It just cooked with Korean style. lol
Small Chamchi Kimchi Chighe
It is basically tuna kimchi stew. Hubby loves it very much. Inside the stew you can taste the tuna chunk and many varieties of foods in the soup such as mushroom, kim chi, white cabbage...........
And for the BBQ........

Garlic and Onion
Marinated Pork Rib and Chicken Drumstick
Both of the BBQ equally tasty. lol
And we order extra two rice.......
Rice bowl
My gal told us that she wants rice so we ordered one for hubby and one for my gal. End up my gal doesn't like the rice as she prefers white rice.
However, hubby and I love it very much. It consist of many kidney beans inside the rice. lol
We also order.........

Kim Chi Ramyeon
The ramyeon is not very QQ. It is some how like the Korean instant noodles that we get from supermarket. lol The soup base tastes not bad.
Recently my gal loves to try spicy foods. So she gets to try some and she loves it. But always drink water after that. lol A bit too spicy for her.
We order extra .........
Marinated Baby Nakji BBQ
My gal loves baby octopus..... so we ordered this for her and she enjoys it very much after the waitress BBQ it for us. lol
As for desserts.......
Mango Pudding
We were told that they only got mango pudding for desserts. Luckily we only ordered one mango pudding. As it is very big. lol Three of us share it together. And my gal loves it very much.

Overall.... their foods taste nice and their services are very attentive and very friendly.


cariso said...

Now I finally know what kind of set menu they offered at Tar Chang Jin. But it looked spicy to me...oh no.

Food Paradise said...

cariso - not so spicy leh..... my gal still can take it wor..... lol

New Kid on the Blog said...

think you're the first one that explore to Tar Chang Jin... everytime I passed by, I just looked up and never thought of visiting.

why ah?? never like korean food lor... some more so expensive. :)

Food Paradise said...

NKOTB - sometime we loves to try out different types of food. May be you can give it a try sometime. You might fall in love with it. lol

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