Friday, 19 December 2008

Swensen's Gurney Plaza

Location: Gurney Plaza, Penang. (New wing)
After shopping around Gurney Plaza last week, my gal felt hungry and she wanted to take some afternoon snacks. At first, I thought of bring her to Big Apple Donuts but hubby prefered to have Swensen's. lol And since I have not done any review of Swensen's in Malaysia yet. I agreed with hubby choice. lol 
I dine at Swensen's Queensbay Mall last year but I did not take any photos back then and I was disappointed with their food. lol So this visit, we only tried on their desserts.

Outlook of Swensen's Gurney Plaza

Interior of Swensen's
I did not take much photos of the interior since it is quite full house. lol
We order:

Mango Madness
It is basically two scoops of mango ice-creams and serve with some peach chunks and toppings. If you like mango then this is the choice. It is very rich in mangoes flavours. It tastes not bad.

Top 5
We ordered this as we can choose 5 different flavours. And we chose - Yam, Strawberry, Chocolate, Blueberry and Choco Mix. I guess this is one of the good ways to try out their ice-creams. lol
Overall, their ice-creams are not bad. Hubby loves the yam ice-cream and my gal loves chocolate and choco mix. lol
For the moment I think they are running a promotion of 100% rebate for their customers who dine in Swensen's Gurney Plaza. It is like grand opening promotion. They will rebate you with the vouchers. So if you spent RM40 they will rebate you with RM40 voucher. The voucher is expire within one month (Only can be used in Gurney Plaza branch only). You can use it in your next visit. lol So...... if you like to dine in Swensen's, take this opportunity. And if you are Swensen's fans , you can apply for Swensen's Penang Membership cards. Further details, please visit


desmond-t said...

Ohh nowadays they give vouchers also? wah i better go grab it fast while stil can. LOL

Allie said...

Ice Creams... My favourite.. Yummy..
I like the mango flavour ice cream. There's one very nice too which is Chocolate Frosted Malt.

♥myfanny♥ 阙爱芬 said...

WOW! I like Mango Madness. Thanks for sharing :)

Little Inbox said...

I like yam ice-cream too. Very fragrant.

cariso said...

Wow! the voucher is attractive!

550ml jar of faith said...

Yam ice cream is my absolute favourite! It's not offered at most of the main ice cream outlets, so Swensens gets my vote for selling it! Yummy Yam!

Food Paradise said...

desmond-t -yes, they got the promotion now. Pls act fast. lol And thanks for dropping by.

Allie - Oh really..... will try the Chocolate Frosted Malt next time. Thanks for the info.

my fanny - You are welcomed and thanks for dropping by.

Food Paradise said...

Little Inbox - yes, Swensen's yam ice-cream has a very nice aroma.

Cariso - yes... very attractive huh. lol So what are you waiting for?

550ml jar of faith - So you should drop by swensen's again for their yam ice-cream. lol

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