Thursday, 4 December 2008

Paddington House of Pancakes

We (My gal and I) went back to Paddington House of Pancakes again since we are accompany PS to do some shopping @ Queensbay Mall two weeks ago. lol

"Paddington again????", that's my hubby reaction when he asked me where we had our lunch that day. lol
Actually, PS like to go for Bakerzin but I told her that it is no longer in business @ Queensbay Mall. lol and she is a bit disappointed but at last she decide to have lunch @ Paddington House of Pancakes.


Treasure Box
PS asked me to recommend her which pancakes taste nice. And I know she will love this treasure box as hubby and my gal love it so much. The tiny pancakes are so cute and taste nice. When the order came, my gal asked PS permission whether she can share with her. lol So both of them enjoyed it very much.
Pannekoek - Vienna
While for me and my gal, we opt for their set lunch. And this time we choose something different. We chose pannekoek. It is basically a dutch pancakes. It is very thin and crispy in some part. My gal ate the sausages and I ate the rest of the mushroom and onion pannekoek. lol
We preferred the omelette mushroom set lunch than this but we are happy to try out new things. lol


cariso said...

Bakerzine is one of those kena complaint tiam tiam one when newly opened. I still remember the fwd email. I didn't manage to try out yet and it's closed odi. Ai...

CRIZ LAI said...

Gosh.. that treasure box looked like a pack of loose meusli bar.. haha. Well, I'm not complaining, they are healthy ... minus the ice cream :P

Food Paradise said...

cariso - ai yo..... we loves the foods and DESSERTS. Nevermind, I think you can try out in KL and Singapore. lol

CRIZ LAI - yes....very healthy and taste nice too. lol

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