Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Dai You Bin @ Taman Intan (Sungai Petani)

Location: No. 8, Bangunan Kedai Lebuh Intan, Taman Intan, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah.
Tel: 016-561 2121/012-430 0048
Few weeks ago, we planned a food hunt trip to Sungai Petani. We arrived there quite early and we were joined by my MIL, hubby's auntie and niece.

Dai You Bin
This dim sum restaurant is one of the popular dim sum restaurants in Sungai Petani. If you went there during weekend, you have to be very early or else you have to wait for quiet some time. We are very lucky that we manage to get a table when we enter the restaurant.
So we order pot of tea. There are several kinds of tea to choose from. And we ordered the following dim sum:
The dim sum range from RM1.20 - RM4.60

Chai Kuih (Mang Kwang)

Chai Kuih (Ku Chai)
Spare Ribs
Fish Balls
Mantou with Curry Gravy
Curry Gravy
Hong Kong Style Chee Cheong Fun
Siew Mai top with peas
Har Gao
Kuih with salted egg yolk
My MIL and hubby auntie loves this very much and they ordered for another plate after that. lol
Chicken Bun
This is also one of their favourites.
Siew Mai
Scallop Har Gao
Shark Fin Har Gao
They also offer porridge's, noodles, sticky rice............ Their crispy seafood's noodles taste not bad but we did not order that for this visit. lol
Please stay tune for more posts of Sungai Petani Food Hunt.


Malaysia Food Cuisine Blog said...

Wah, seems very delicious la! i'm hungry now..=.="
Rm1.20 - Rm4.60 still consider okay lo, because there is a Dim Sum restaurant in my area (Damansara, PJ), normal Dim Sum RM3.50 per plate, then more expensive for other larger Dim Sum. =.="

Do you mind if we do a link exchange? :)

Little Inbox said...

This restaurant's food is so so only, haha...Hubby's grandaunt used to celebrate her birthday in this restaurant. Main reason is its location at ground floor as old folks can't climb stair case.

550ml jar of faith said...

I think I'm being haunted by mantous... they're everywhere on the food blogosphere these past few days! If I don't get my hands on some mantou soon, I'm going to flip!

Food Paradise said...

Malaysia Food Cuisine Blog - Yes, the price is cheaper if compare to your area. lol
Sure, I have add you to my blog link already and thank you for dropping by. lol

Little Inbox - Yes, I agree with you their chu char is so-so only. I dine in there twice for their chu char and found the foods as what you said. lol

550ml jar of faith - hhahahhaa.... then you better get the mantou soon.

New Kid on the Blog said...

ever since I had a good dim sum in KL... other places dim sum look so so to me.... I missed KL dim sum very much!! :D

Food Paradise said...

NKOTB - well.... make another trip to KL again. lol

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