Saturday, 10 January 2009

Lameizi Restaurant Sdn. Bhd. @ Krystal Point

On the way back from work on Thursday night, hubby notices the banner is advertising the new opening restaurant ~
Lameizi Restaurant Sdn. Bhd.
Logo of the Restaurant
He is so keen wants to try out, so he asked us to go out for dinner. When we enter the restaurant, we just realised that they are serving steamboat like Flame. My hubby is so happy as he loves steamboat very much. lol After we were seated, we still notice contractors are still fixing the lighting system and also some minor touch up for the restaurant.
We were given menu and we were told that there are only limited soup based for the night as they sold out most of the soup base during lunch hours.
There are many types of soup base such as claypot chicken soup base, tom yam soup base - they have two kind of tom yam, white and red tom yam, and many more........ We were told that if we want more spicy, they can add extra spicy for us. lol
They are running promotion for set lunch @ RM22.88 nett (for 2 person)
Business hour: 11am - 11pm (Daily)
Tel: 04 - 6415958
Location: Krystal Point, Penang (few shops away from Domino's Pizza)
Interior of the Restaurant
Since they are still doing some minor works, I just took two shots of the interior outlook.
Guava Juice ~ RM2.80/glass
Soya Sauce, Vinegar and Sesame Oil

Chillies and Garlics

Combination of every things
We were told by the waitress to mix everything and try it. For those who cannot take spicy stuff, please don't try it. lol
Table Setting

Claypot Chicken Soup Base ~RM9.50
We opt for the non-spicy soup base as my gal cannot take too spicy foods for the time being. lol So We tried their claypot chicken soup base. This is good for those who prefer non-spicy soup base. And they will refill it from time to time.
There are lots of varieties to choose from. And we ordered the following foods to go with the steamboat:
Fish Maw ~ RM8.00
Japanese Bean Curd ~ RM2.00
Hand Made Fish Ball ~ RM3.50

Fish Ball ~ RM 3.50

Prawn Ball ~ RM3.50
There are minced prawn inside the fish ball. And it tastes very nice. I recommended that you should try it out.

Udon Noodle ~ RM2.00
Frozen Tofu ~ RM2.00

Enoki Mushroom

Lotus Root Slice ~ RM3.00

Prawn ~ RM8.00

Fresh Young Corn ~ RM3.00

Abalone Slices ~ RM10.00
Fish Fillet ~ RM8.00

Quail Egg ~ RM3.00

Sea Cucumber ~ RM12.00

Button Mushroom ~ RM3.00
We were so full after the dinner as hubby ordered so many foods. lol If you are steamboat fans, perhaps you can give it a try. lol
On the way out of Lameizi Restaurant, we bumped into Huat Koay from PTP. He is collecting the menu from the restaurant as they are going to try it out. Please watch out for their review too.


Little Inbox said...

Wah, you are so fast!

desmond-t said...

Hmm... pretty ordinary food menu there but still awaiting more review from the rest of the Floggers before I wanna go there to try it myself.. LOL

You're real fast...even PTP oni collecting date but u oledi posted it! LOL

worldwindows said...

The soup base must be special to cost RM9.50. Most often it is free. If it is good it is worth it as steamboat need good broth.

Allie said...

Wah! You are real fast!!

I understand that the spicy soup base is the popular one. :)
But it's not buffet type, so sien...

cariso said...

When it was still under renovation, I thought it was chef&brew that has been closed down! Oops..Luckily no go and spread wrong info :) Hey, My taste same like your gal leh! :)

ck lam said...

Wow...great to know of another place for steamboat :)

New Kid on the Blog said...

ya la, I agreed with Little Inbox, how come you're so fast one????

Food Paradise said...

little Inbox & NKOTB - My hubby saw the banner and he want to try so I blog about it lor...... lol

Desmond-T - PTP is very busy recently. If they are not that busy, they will surely be the first to blog it. lol I agree with you, the restaurant only serve normal steamboat dishes.

World Windows - You go and try it out! For me it is quiet normal broth. lol

Food Paradise said...

Allie - but they are running promotion for 2 persons during lunch time. May be you can go and try it out. Really? Then I should go and try the spicy soup base with friends.

Cariso - Lucky that you did not spread wrong info. lol Yes.... you and my gal can be friends and go makan together. lol

cklam - so you are also steamboat fans? lol

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