Sunday, 18 January 2009

Hakwer Foods @ City Rio Cafe (King Street)

Location: Corner of Bishop Street and King Street

During one weekday we planned to go and try the Koay Tiaw Th'ng from Kedai & Makan Sin Hoe Ping but by the time we arrived there, the shop is about to close. So we were very hungry, we decided to try this cafe since it is just few doors away.

City Rio Cafe

Mee Goreng

Hubby saw someone order mee goreng and it looks delicious. So we decided to order one plate and try. And this is cook by an Indian guy. The outlook looks great and tastes delicious too. The noodle still remain its QQ texture as for some stall it is over cooked and become very saggy and lumpy. lol I like mine to have the QQ textures.

Fried Rice

This stall is located just outside the cafe. In a cart along King Street. It is operates by a Chinese uncle and auntie. They have char koay tiaw, char mee, fried rice. And since my gal wants rice, so we ordered one plate of fried rice. You can smell the aroma when you sitting inside the cafe. When the fried rice reach our table, my gal cannot resist. And she starts eating it and after she tasted, she told me "Mummy! this fried rice is very delicious". And she let us try some. It is indeed very tasty. And she almost finished the whole plates. lol


Little Inbox said...

Your daughter is under training as a good food hunter le...

Food Paradise said...

Little Inbox - hahhahaa..... hope next time when we get older she will bring us food hunting too. lol

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