Sunday, 4 January 2009

囯泰餐室 Air Itam

Few weeks ago, after sending my gal to holiday school, hubby and I went to Air Itam to have our Food Hunt. lol At first we would like to go for the koay chap @ Kedai Kopi Wah Meng but the coffee shop was fully occupied so we had no choice but to chose 囯泰餐室(it is located few shops away from Kedai Kopi Wah Meng)
We don't know that we can ordered koay chap from the koay chap stall next door. After we ordered our things, we just realised that we can do that. lol But anyway..... this gave us a chance to explore other foods from this coffee shop.
On the way into this coffee shops, hubby and I already start looking at the foods stall. And we also look @ the other tables. And hubby and I had the same thought, we ordered Koay Tiaw Th'ng and Bee Hoon Th'ng. As it looks delicious to us.
Bee Hoon Th'ng

Koay Tiaw Th'ng
It is indeed does not disappoint us. The soup base tastes nice and the fish ball tastes delicious too. I am sure if my gal follows us on that day, she will demand us for more fish balls. lol

Hokkien Mee
Since the KTT stall got lots of order, hubby can't wait and ordered Hokkien Mee. But the Hokkien Mee are the last to arrive as the auntie forgot about it. We are not mad at the auntie as she is very polite and keep say sorry to us. lol
Ok..... the tastes vice of the Hokkien Mee is not bad.

Roti Telur
We ordered this because we saw the next table ordered this and it looks very delicious to us. So hubby went and ordered it. And it indeed also a very good choice. lol The roti telur is very crispy. Yum! Yum! My gal will definitely love this too.
Curry for Roti Telur
The curry has a very nice aroma and the taste of curry is great too.


Steven Goh said...

Wao... u are fast. I just wanna post the bee hoon th'ng from kok thai and I see yours blog. I do love the bee hoon soup there too. Never had chance to try out the roti there. Need to try that out one day.

Little Inbox said...

I like to dip my roti in curry broth instead of normal dhal. :)

Food Paradise said...

Steven Goh - I agree with you that the bee hoon soup taste nice there. Yes, pls tried out the roti. Very crispy and the curry taste nice too. :)

Little Inbox - yes... me too, I like curry broth. lol This stall curry broth is very tasty.

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