Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Kedai Kopi Wah Meng @ Air Itam, Penang

Location: Air Itam, Penang.
We went to Air Itam over the weekend to get some breakfast. I am sure every one should have known this place as it is quite popular around Air Itam. We loves the foods there but the problem is hard to get a car parks. lol Usually we need to park far away and walk down to the coffee shop. My mum is complaining for the far distance walking. lol but she is very satisfied with her breakfast.
Wah Meng Cafe
This cafe got many nice foods to share. lol First of all, I would like to introduce you to their Nasi Kandar. When we walk into the cafe, we passed through this nasi kandar stall.
wow.....the foods look so delicious and the aroma is fantastic. So I decided to try some of the rice. lol
Varieties of choice to choose
Hubby went to get some rice with lady fingers, curry mutton and squids. The curry sauces is fantastic. Nice aroma. I let mum to try some as she also comments that the outlook of the foods look nice. lol After she taste some, she also reckon that it is nice.
Second of all, the Roti Telur.

Roti Telur stall
Roti Telur
We try their roti telur b4. And we loves that as it is very crispy. Since the last visits, my gal fall in love with this stall roti telur. So this is her breakfast and she gobbles everything from her plate. lol
Next.......... the famous Koay Chap......

Loh Duck Koay Chap Stall

Loh Duck Koay Chap
Their Koay chap is very nice. And the koay is nice as the koay texture is not very thick. As I don't like thick koay. lol And the soup base is fantastic. The stall owner also sprinkle lots of chinese parsley into the soups. It smells so nice and tastes nice too. Yum! Yum!
Next...... Claypot Pan Mee
Claypot Pan Mee Stall
Claypot Pan Mee
Well.... we never try claypot pan mee b4. Hubby went around the stalls to check out any nice foods and he found this. The Pan Mee is not bad. The texture is still alright after cooking in claypot. Not too soft. And lots of ingredients such as the usual ikan billis, vege and also pork slice and fish balls.
Follow by....... porridge.....
Porridge Stall
Well..... this porridge is nothing special. Just a normal porridge. lol
And on the way back, we bought some apom from this auntie. My gal and I fall in love with this auntie apom after we tried it in our last visits. lol

Apom Stall
The apom is so thin and yet very crispy. It has a very fantastic aroma. lol I let my mum try one of this apoms and she loves it too. Usually, my gal and I will finished the apom on the way home. lol As it taste nice when it still hot.
*****Please note that sometimes you need to wait a bit longer for this apom as a lot of peoples ordering it*****


New Kid on the Blog said...

too bad, i hardly go into ayer itam. :)

cariso said...

Yes, that's the koay chap stall that I used to eat also. :)

Food Paradise said...

nkotb - you should drop by one day. As there are many good foods there. lol

Cariso - yes.... taste very nice. lol

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