Friday, 14 November 2008

BRAVO Italiana

Location: 01-01-11, Complex I-Avenue, Medan Kampung Relau 1, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Tel/Fax: 04 - 6410499
Would you like to go to ITALY and savour Italian foods? Well, lets us bring you there. lol

Restoran BRAVO Italiana
Well...... when you enter BRAVO, it is all decorate in Italian Flag and from the photos on the wall is all regarding to ITALY. They also put some Italian songs. Perhaps the waiter and waitress should wear Italian clothing too. lol

We order:
Hot Chocolate for my gal
We went there during dinner time and we are the first customer there for the night. So it is very quite. All by ourselves. We were told that they had set dinner which includes soup of the day + main course + desserts + drink
There are some choices to choose for their set dinner.

Garlic Bread
Well..... we don't really enjoyed the garlic bread. We like the garlic bread had lots of garlic and herbs flavour. lol
Soup of the day - Tomato Soup
Well..... the tomato soup is very nice and inside the tomato soup there are few chunks of potatoes. My gal loves it.
We order one pizza to try as following:
Basically it is pizza with tuna, onion and capsicum. Well, we reckon that their pizza is just so-so. I reckon Domino's Pizza and Ecco pizza is better than this. lol
1/2 dozen baked oysters
Hubby cannot resist to order this appetizer. lol Well, it turn out to be not bad. My gal tries it and she loves it too.
Spaghetti Al Capitano ~RM29.80
This is their signature spaghetti. Well, hubby had this and this is from the Ala carte menu. And hubby loves it. I was so amaze by the big scallops and mussels. lol In term of the spaghetti sauce it is a bit mild for me. lol
Set Dinner - Sea Bass
This is my order as I go for set dinner. And the sea bass is very nice and fresh. It came with some side dish such as coleslaw, potato wedges, carrot, snow peas, olives......
Hubby savour some of my sea bass and he loves it too.

Hamburger - Chicken (Kids Meal) ~RM8.50
Well..... my gal decided that she wants chicken hamburger. lol She doesn't like the bread as she comments that the bread is same like the garlic bread aroma. So she just ate the hamburger fillings. And she comments that everything is very delicious apart from the bread. lol
Inside the burger there are - chicken slice, tomatoes, button mushroom, cucumber, lettuce, onion and sauces. And serve with some fries.

Desserts - Spanish cake
This is the dessert of the day from the set dinner. The cake tastes alright. Actually most of them gobbles by my gal. lol
We would like to try their tiramisu but was told that the tiramisu is not ready. lol So will try that next time. And they also offers varieties of foods. Will come back next time and try it out. Overall, their foods is not too bad. lol
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meiyi said...

just wondering, how much is the set lunch?

Food Paradise said...

meiyi - thanks for dropping by again. Well.... I went for their set dinner only but penang tua pui try out their set lunch around RM23++ do visit PTP websites for more details for the set lunch. lol

meiyi said...

hey there! thanks.
i visited Bravo finally.. but I was dissapointed with their set lunch.
I agree with you -> soup was good. i got mushroom soup.. there were the same chunks of potatoes i guess.

my main dish was hawaian chicken but to me, it was like chicken chop.
and ice cream -> corn ice cream which i didn't like either.

and yeah. the garlic bread (baguette) tasted weird lerr!!!!

Food Paradise said...

meiyi - thanks for dropping by again. I am sorry to hear that you have a dissapointing lunch at Bravo. Perhaps next time you should go and try out their other dishes. :D

CH said...

The food at Bravo is below my expectation. If you like Italian food, I'd recommend Ecco Cafe on Chulia Street, here is my blog about it ;-)

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