Sunday, 2 November 2008

Hainamese Satay

Slightly b4 lunch time, hubby feels hungry but both gal and I still full from the breakfast this morning. So hubby decided to go for food hunting for snack. Then he recalled that Bangkok Lane ~ Satays. So we went there and check if the uncle still around there. And we are lucky..... we managed to see him selling satays today.
Hubby chats with the uncle and was told that their sataty is the "Kocha style of Hainamese Satays". And furthermore, he also sells grilled bread which is also kocha style. lol
So we have to order both satays and grilled bread..... don't we????

Uncle is busy cooking the satays.
He told hubby that this morning someone just order 60pcs from him. lol (See good business)
This is the sauce that uncle put on top of the grilled bread.
Yummy satays and grilled bread on the way......
This is the sauce for both satays and grilled bread.
I am sorry that I did not get the final shots of the satays and grilled bread as when hubby hop into the car..... he told us that Uncle suggest him to take the Satay + grilled bread while it is still hot. So 3 of us start dig in and forgot to take photos. lol
My gal loves the grilled bread. The satay is very tender and the sauce is very special. It is different from the normal kind of satay sauce that we normally get. Uncle specifies that it is "Kocha style of hainamese satays + grilled bread + sauces.
If you want to try uncle satays, please pay him a visit @ Bangkok Lane on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. If you cannot find him there, please go to the nearby shell station where he says he will park his cart there under the tree. lol


New Kid on the Blog said...

Wow... I never know there's stall like that @ Bangkok Lane. :)
Thanks for sharing.

Food Paradise said...

nkotb - we knew about this uncle satays when we went to have the mee goreng @ bangkok lane few months ago. And finally this time we get hold of uncle. lol
You are welcome!!!!

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