Thursday, 6 November 2008


Location: Jalan Tengah, Penang.
Direction: When you come from the big Bayan Baru round about, turn into Jalan Tengah and immediately turn left (where it leads you to Jalan Tengah food stalls). Once you turn, you will see this stall just at the right hand side (Opposite the mosque).
This is one of the Malay burgers stall that we been visited for the past few years. Basically they use the Ramly brand burgers slice to cook. lol and the stall owner put the cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, eggs, chillies sauce, mayonese and.........
They sell varities of burgers. So you can choose which ever that suits you.

Chicken Burger

Layers of burger
I loves the burger combination. Some time I reckon this burger is better than the fast food burgers. lol We bought this for few peoples to try b4. And all of them reckon that it is very nice.
When you are bored of the fast food burgers, perhaps you can try this stall burgers. lol
Apart from selling burgers, they also sell nasi lemak.
Packet of Nasi Lemak with Ikan Billis
Nasi Lemak with ikan billis
The nasi lemak is not bad. Got nice aroma. And if you cannot take too spicy nasi lemak, I guess you can try this out.


550ml jar of faith said...

Super impressed with the burger - thick and juicy! Almost as good as my favourite Tanjung Bungah van burger! What's the price like?

ck lam said...

Burger looks good, with so much meat compared with the bread. What time do they start selling?

Food Paradise said...

550ml jar of faith - it taste nice too. lol the price is RM5.70(which include one pack of nasi lemak)

ck lam - my hubby asked to add extra chicken. lol if you want the one exactly like mine, order chicken burger tambah chicken + egg. lol They usually start around 6pm till very late.

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