Thursday, 13 November 2008

Maxim Cake Shop

Location: Pulau Tikus, Penang.
After dinner at the food court opposite to Heng Ee school, I told hubby that I wish that I can have some desserts. lol Then he suggested that we go for GELATO. Hooray!!!!!! So we drop by Maxim Cake Shop.
Interior of Maxim Cake Shop

Gelato Corner

Varieties of style to choose

Varieties of GELATO to choose
After browsing through their GELATO section, we decided to get:
Mango Flavours
Hubby had this and it is not too bad. If they can have stronger mango aroma it will be fantastic.
Forgot what this call. It is combination of all the berries.
This is nice. Hubby tries some and also think that this is better than his mango flavour gelato. lol
Since we were waiting for gal to finished her cakes, hubby decided to try another GELATO.
Green Tea
Hubby told me he make a bad choice to choose this GELATO. lol
I also forgot what is this GELATO. It is something like whisky cream. lol And it has a strong aroma of whisky in there. Not too bad if you like alcohol. lol
This is my little gal choice of Ratatouille cake.
She cannot had ice-cream since she is having some coughs so we suggest that she tries some cakes from Maxim. Then she browses through the cake section and she chooses this. Isn't that cute? lol
Interior of the cake
It is basically a piece of chocolate sponge roll cake coated with chocolate rice. My gal told me that the cakes taste not bad.


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