Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Golden Lake Food Corner Part I

Location: Relau, Penang.
We went there to get supper as hubby is very hungry since we only get a quick dinner around 5.15pm as we are in the hurry to attend some functions.
Fish Porridge
Hubby gets himself fish porridge. And I get to taste the porridge and it is nice and has a nice fragant aroma. Hubby comments that the fish is very fresh and nice. Hubby chooses siakap for his porridge.
Tu Boh Sui
Since we were not that hungry, hubby order this for my gal. As my gal loves tu boh sui very much. I think because of the texture of the tu boh sui. lol

Flower shell


cariso said...

Hey I didn't know that they served tu boh sui leh. Is this the one opposite PISA?

CRIZ LAI said...

It has been quite some time since I last saw any "hua leh" being sold in the market. I used to get those sold by an auntie along Weld Quay years ago. I don't see her now.

gill gill said...

may i know where is this place?

Food Paradise said...

Cariso - yes, the one slightly opposite PISA and share the same row as Public bank.

Criz - I never bought any "hua leh" b4. Usually we order it when we saw it in resturants or food court. lol

gill gill - it is slightly opoosite to PISA.(If u come from krystal point round about, go straight, pass the EQ traffic light and turn right to relau and the Golden Lake Food Corner is on your right, which share the same row with Public Bank).

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