Friday, 7 November 2008


I recall that I never done about Four Leaves Bread b4. Usually I get the bread from Island Hospital. But you also can get it from Wisma Gama Ground Floor, No.1, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 Penang.
Since few days ago, my gal is not feeling well, so I took her to see her doctor. And b4 we left, my gal wants me to grab some buns for her. lol

Above picture took few months ago but forgot to blog about it. The donut twist and sausage roll are my gal favourites. lol

This scone is Uncle Siak Hoe (Melbourne) favourites scone. I think each time when he went to Four Leaves Bread, he never fails to buying the scones. lol
While I was taking the scones photos, I was thinking of Annabelle's Place fresh cream and strawberry jams. The fresh cream is really nice.
But for this scones I just eat it straight and did not apply and creams nor jams. As it is a raisin scones.

Curry Chicken Bun
The curry chicken bun is not bad.
Tuna Bun
My gal uses to love this but seem like when she grows she starts to like other bun than this. lol


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