Saturday, 15 November 2008

LIM JING HIENG Shreded Pork Stick

It is manufactured by: LIM JING HIENG FOODS
Address: Klong Luang Road, Klong Luang, Prathumtanee.
Tel: 66(0) 2253-4883-4, 2651-6597-9
Ingredients: Meat 95%, Soy Sauce 2% and Sugar 3%.
Out look of Shredded Pork Stick

Inside of the Package

Shredded Pork Stick
I think every one should know where is this came from, right? lol I think this is one of the thing that people will usually buy when they went to Thailand. lol Well, I got this from Mum few weeks ago. It's been quite sometime that I did not had this. And I like it very much. lol I treat it as a tidbits.


meiyi said...

it's my favourite!!
in hatyai, they call it 'kao sai'

Food Paradise said...

Meiyi - I loves this too. lol

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