Monday, 17 November 2008

Starview Restoran Sdn. Bhd.

Location: 102-B-1 to 102-B-4 New World Park,
102 Burmah Road 10050 Penang.
Tel: 04 - 2265213/2266544/2274507
Well..... today I am going to do some reviews of Starview Restaurant and I am sure that every one know about this restaurant in Penang as it is very popular for wedding reception, birthday celebration, business functions and...........

Starview Restaurant
We went there on Monday night and there are lots of people dining there but still manage to get seats this time as it is not fully booked.
After we were seated we were served with the following braised peanuts:

Braised Peanuts
Well.... this braised peanuts is very soft and warm. This is my gal favourites. I think my gal finished most of it. lol

Starview Logo on top of the table cloth
Hubby is the one who make the orders. And I suggest him to get FOUR SEASONS. The waiter eyes *GROW SO BIG*. He told us that it is very big. lol And we don't have to order any more things as we might not be able to finish it. But we still order it plus other two dishes. :P

Stir fry eel with black pepper, capsicum and onion
From the Starview combination, my hubby like this dish, The eel is very fresh and the texture of the eel meat is very nice.

Deep fried chives, salted egg york and fish paste
This is my favourites from the Starview Combination. I loves the aroma of chives with salted egg yolk. lol I think I ate most of this. :P

Deep Fried Fish Paste with sweet and sour sauce
This is my gal favourites. I think she finished most of this. lol

Fish Balls with Egg and Crab meat Sauce
I think this is nothing special. lol
My mum does not comments on any of the Starview combination. I guess she doesn't enjoy it. lol

Salad Prawns
Well..... this is the 1st dish that hubby orders as it is recommended by the waiter there. He told us did you ever try "Hay PO" b4? huh..... we never and asked him what is that? And he told me something like mantis prawn but it is not mantis prawn. 
ah..... since it is something special so we ordered it and since he said we got kid present so better go for salad prawns.
Well.... to me.... it is just like prawn. lol and it is deep fried and serves with some fruits slice and salads. End up it is not so special after all. lol

Stir fry asparagus with garlic
Well..... this is very simple dish and it taste very nice.
Overall.... we were very disappointed with our meals. As may be we got high expectation to their foods. lol But we will go back again to try their fish steam boat. 
We were actually recommended their steam patin fish. Hubby is complaining to me because I want to order the Starview combination that's why he cannot ordered the fish as it is too many. lol 
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550ml jar of faith said...

I can never tire of seeing posts about this place - probably because I've been waiting and waiting for the time to go back to Penang to eat there!

CRIZ LAI said...

Their serving has always been rather big. I had experienced once when they have yet to shift to NWP. Seven of us could not finish their 6 dishes :P I hope they still maintain their quality now. I shall visit them one day when I have the crowd.

New Kid on the Blog said...

thanks for the link. :)

ck lam said...

You have link to my blog used the wrong url, but anyway thanks for linking :)

cariso said...

or CRC better?!

Food Paradise said...

550ml Jar of faith - lol....home sick ah..... I hope you get to come back to Penang soon and makan.

Criz - I think it is best to go in group as you can savour many different kind of foods and also to finished everything. lol I will be waiting for your reviews. :P

Food Paradise said...

nkotb - You are welcome!

ck lam - Sorry and thanks for telling me that. I had fix the problem. And you are welcome. lol

cariso - ah.... if you want me to compare this meal and my previuos meal with CRC, I would say CRC. lol But I will be going back again to try their fish steamboat. :P

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