Monday, 17 November 2008

Goreng Pisang

I never try the Malay goreng pisang in Penang b4. My mum kept nagging me to buy her some goreng pisang when she came for her visits every time. But I always just ignored her as I don't want her to get too many fried and sweet foods. lol
And few days ago she nagged me again. So I decided to get her RM1 goreng pisang. lol
RM1 = 9pcs of goreng pisang.

Goreng Pisang
Well..... the goreng pisang is very thin and very crunchy. I tried 2 pieces and it tastes nice and not very sweet.
I bought the above goreng pisang from a stall next to Sekolah Menengah Sg. Ara. It is in front of one apartment but I am not sure the apartment name. And usually the stall is full of people. They also sell lekor and..........


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