Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Double Lucky Cafe

Location: Jalan Sungai Ara 1, Desa Ara, Penang.
(Food court is situated slightly opposite to the Sg. Ara Shell Station.)
Since there are good foods in this food court, so hubby went back again to get some take away for our dinner. You can view my previous visits here.

MUHIBBAH deep fried chicken maryland and chicken giblet
The aroma is so fantastic. When I went to unpack all the foods, I cannot resist the aroma of the chicken maryland and the chicken giblets. So I quickly try out the chicken giblets. Wow...... it really tastes nice. I think it taste better than KFC chicken. lol Hubby was introduced by the chicken stall owner to try the chicken carcass but he did not get it since I told him not to buy too many things for dinner. lol (So will go and try it out one day) 

Chicken Double Burger
Hubby went for chicken burger. Well...... the chicken burger is not bad. It is quites similar to HILMEE Burger.

Dry version Hokkien Mee
Hubby saw this dry version of hokkien mee so he bought it for me to try. But I guess I had pour too much of the sauce into the bowl. lol The hokkien mee is not too bad. Quite spicy though. lol

Nasi Lemak - Udang and Ikan + Telur

Nasi Lemak Ikan and Telur
When I opened the Nasi Lemak, My gal and hubby said, "wow....... smell so nice!" lol
It is indeed very nice aroma. And the nasi lemak tastes nice and the sambal is not too spicy. And the fish is great but a bit too salty towards my liking. lol

Nasi Lemak Udang
For this nasi lemak udang, it consists of two medium prawns and taste not bad too. lol


NaNcY tEo's page... said...

makes me feel like having nasi lemak early in the morning

Food Paradise said...

Nancy - lol then go and get one.

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