Saturday, 29 November 2008

Kedai Kopi Juventus

Location: Anson Road, Penang. (It is located a few shops away from Xin He cafe and next to Loke Pin cafe)
Actually..... we intend to visit the coffe shops opposite the Anson Road wet mearket but it was packed with people. So we left and we went to this coffee shop since the other two coffee shops in that row are not opened yet.
I went to this coffee shop b4 with mum. Basically, they only sell hokkien mee, chicken rice, wantan mee, roti bakar and half boiled eggs.
Half boiled eggs

Roti Bakar
My gal opts for roti bakar and half boiled eggs. But she did not finished it so PS finished it for her and PS comments that she prefers JOO LEONG cafe half boiled egg and roti bakar. lol

Chicken Rice

Roasted Chicken
Hubby and I try their roasted chicken rice. And out of surprise, the chicken tastes very crispy and tender. lol

Loh egg
Overall...... the food of this cafe is not bad.


550ml jar of faith said...

I like the name of this place! Ha ha... footy fans?

Lingzie said...

i see this kopitiam very often cos i pass by anson road a lot. havent tried it until now! lol've been tagged! hop on over to my blog to have a look ya :)

Food Paradise said...

550ml jar of faith - lol.....

Lingzie - well.... too many foods to try in Penang island.... when u run out of foods to try, do drop by this little coffee shops. lol

OMG.... me being tagged. ok will drop by your blog but have to spare me some time to do the tagging. lol

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