Thursday, 13 November 2008

Food Court opposite to Heng Ee School

Hubby used to came to this place for dinner. And I never been there. Out of surprise we saw many stalls offer great foods in this food court. It seems like we want to try lots of things there but our tummy cannot fit in too many things. lol But we will surely come back to visit this food court again. lol
Chee Cheong Fun
My gal had this and she loves it. She comments that it is not bad.

Western Food
Hubby had this and the chicken is full of herbs and taste not bad. There are also ham, sausage, fries, bread, tomatoes.......
Overall, their western foods is not bad.
Forgot about the name of the chicken. lol I had this and the sauces is basically like satay sauce. And it has a very nice frequent aroma. The chicken is very tender.
This stall also offers varieties of choices like seafood, fish, chicken and........
We will be going back to try other varieties soon. lol

Salted Chicken Drumstick with Chinese herbs
We take away this for mum. And mum comments that it taste nice.


Jason Wong said...

Before they moved from their previous loction further in the that area(like in between a few blocks of flat, I would normally drop by to buy char koay teow and ban chang kuih from from there. After they moved to the current food court, I have only been there once or twice for the past 5 years.

Food Paradise said...

Jason Wong - wow.... then I should go an try out their char koay teow and ban chang kuih next time. Thanks for dropping by.

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