Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Location: Jalan Tengah, Penang.
Direction: When you come from the big Bayan Baru round about, turn into Jalan Tengah and immediately turn left (where it leads you to Jalan Tengah food stalls). Once you turn, you will see this stall just at the right hand side (Opposite the mosque).
Well..... one day after work, hubby went to Jalan Tengah to get something from his friends, he went to take away the following hot dog special for me to try.

Hot Dog Special

Interior of hot dog Special
After hubby came back, I went to unpacked this hot dog bun and took some pictures of it. Then I start to savour it. lol And it tastes not bad......it consists of hot dog, egg, tomatoes, chillies sauce, onion, vege.........
When hubby finished his exercise, he went to the kitchen to find the above hot dog special and he could not find it as I had finished it. lol


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