Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Neww BT Food Court

Location: Burmah Road, Penang.

Neww BT Food Court
This is our first time to visit this food court and there are ample of parking places when we went there last weekend. And there are varieties of foods to choose too. So I asked hubby to go around and ordered whatever foods he thinks is nice. So hubby went around and orders the following foods:

Chicken Spaghetti from Italian Corner
Hubby had this and when it arrives my gal already comments about the Parmesan cheese aroma. Hubby comments that it tastes not bad and it is better than Macedoine spaghetti. lol And this costs RM8

Ang Chiew Chicken Drumstick
Well..... the chicken is very tender but I can't feel the ang chiew (red wine) taste at all. lol

Wantan Mee
This is off course for my gal. My gal comments that it taste not so nice but we tried some and think that the wantan mee is not too bad. lol

Mantis Prawn from Portugal steam grill seafood Corner
The aroma is very good and also there are lots of mantis prawns in there. When I consume half way thru, I count the total of mantis prawn left. Guess how many mantis prawns left?
Well..... it still left 13 mantis prawns...... I think the total could be around 20pcs of mantis prawns in there. Furthermore there are lady fingers, onion, long beans.......
And I told hubby it is really worth for money as it only cost RM10 for all of this. If you want to go with rice, you have to add another RM0.70 for a plate of rice.

Chicken Special from Western Food Corner

Zoom version of chicken special
The chicken special tastes nice. Very soft and nice aroma.
Fries and hot dog are some of the side dishes
Overall...... the chicken special is nice and it cost RM8.50
Well..... if you happen to be in town and want to try out different types of foods, I would recommend that you go and try out New BT Food Court. lol
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Penang Tua Pui said...

ya.. I am thinking if u went to the one where CK recommend, bingo...

yet to have time to drop a visit there... Hope to get it soon.

ck lam said...

Looks like you have try out many other types of food beside those from the western corner.
I will drop by again and try it :)

Food Paradise said...

Penang Tua Pui - yup.... went to the same place as CK. I am waiting for your review for this place soon. lol

Food Paradise said...

CK lam - yup.... u should drop by as there are lots of food there to try it out. I even saw fremented tau foo stall but not opened on my visit.

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