Friday, 28 November 2008


On the way home, hubby went to HILMEE BURGER to take away the baby burger special to fill his stomach first before we went out for dinner. lol

Baby Burger Special

While waiting for his burger, he spotted there is a new variety of nasi lemak (Cuttlefish), so he bought one packet for me to try.

Outlook of Nasi Lemak SOTONG packing

Nasi lemak cuttlefish
Well..... the taste is basically the same as the other nasi lemak. The difference is just the ingredients. For this cuttlefish nasi lemak, it has one piece of cuttlefish and few sprinkle of peanuts.


cariso said...

It's been ages since I last ate a burger. but..since it's MINI...hmm...makan also never mind lah hor?! :p

Food Paradise said...

cariso - hahhahaa..... yes go and order one when you passed by that area.

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