Monday, 10 November 2008

Double Lucky Cafe

Location: Jalan Sungai Ara 1, Desa Ara, Penang.
(Food court is situated slightly opposite to the Sg. Ara Shell Station.)

Well..... we have been to this place to try their Curry Mee before. And few days ago, hubby decided to take away something from this cafe.

Wantan Mee
I am very impressed with this stall wantan mee. As usually when you take away wantan mee from the stall and when you arrived home, the noodles already expanded even if we always reminded the stall owner to separate the sauces and noodles and make it SUPER dry.
I did not pour out the sauces and wantan mee out after hubby came back as gal still asleep. So after an hour later, gal waked up and asked for her dinner. And I went to pour out the wantan mee and reheat the sauce. And the noodles still very tangy. And my gal loves it. So next time I know where to get take away wantan mee when my gal is craving for one. lol
Ee Fu Noodles
Hubby order himself this. And when I pour out the noodles, it smell nice. By looking at the texture, it seems very nice. So after hubby finished eating this plate of Ee Fu noodles and comments that it is very nice. lol

Char Koay Teow with add on mantis prawns and prawns
This is off course my dinner. The koay teow taste nice and there are many ingredients in there. Such as prawns, clams, egg, bean sprout, ku chai and also the add on mantis prawns. I feel that it is very small serve. Perhaps they can add more koay teow next time. lol
This cafe still serve some other foods. And we try their deep fried fish bee hoon th'ng, grilled chicken drumstick, chicken wings and loh chicken feets b4. And all taste nice. lol


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