Friday, 28 November 2008


Location: Lorong Mahusri, Penang. (Directly behind CIMB bank - Opposite Giant Hypermarket)
It's been a long time that we did not went to this cafe for their nasi lemak. It is very popular in this area. In the morning, chinese auntie will cook some nasi lemak/ plain rice and varieties of choices of foods to go with the rice. It is some sort of economy rice style. But I always opt for the nasi lemak. They also sell economy fried bee hoon and noodles. And you can ask for the nasi lemak sambal to go with it.

Nasi Lemak
This is my order. Simple nasi lemak with fish. The nasi lemak tastes nice..... I love the sambal prawn. And the ikan billis and peanuts are

Rice with cabbage, duck soya sauce pork, loh egg and beancurd
Hubby opts for plain rice and with the above dishes. More healthy choice than me. lol I like the soya sauce pork as it is very tender but it is a bit too sweet. lol

Plain Rice with soya sauce pork and loh egg
This is my gal order. Actually I did not plan to take her food photo since it is quite similar to hubby rice. But she asked me why I did not take any photos of her food. lol So have to entertain her, so I took a picture of what she ordered. lol She loves the pork too. As I think kids will like the soya sauce pork ~ Sweet and tender. lol


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