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Invited review - Young Heart Restaurant @ Jalan Cantonment, Penang

Location: No. 44A, Jalan Cantonment, 10250 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 604 - 2288084
H/P: 016-4108098
Business Hours: 12pm -10pm (Closed On Monday)
Today, I am going to share some of the wonderful dishes offers by Young Heart Restaurant to all my readers. The main purpose for this visit is to introducing the new dishes prepare by the chef for welcoming Chinese New Year. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to CK and Ann Kee for inviting us (food floggers) for attending this food functions. lol
We get to savour lot of foods such as vegetables rolls, home made dumplings, different style of noodles and more...........
The owner ~ Ms Ann Kee is inspire with a plant called "Sweet Heart Hoya". So you can see the plants are placed inside and outside of the restaurant. I myself loves Hoya a lots. But I did not have the sweet heart hoya. lol I have the normal one only. lol Basically the Sweet Heart Hoya have a Heart Shape leaves as the logo of the restaurant.

Next...... let me bring you to their interior settings of the restaurant. I like the settings of the restaurant as it is very cosy and quiet. Once you enter the restaurant you will feel so relax. lol
It is a place where you can arrange some gathering with your friends/ families/ farewell.........

Next..... come to the menu........ There are lot of varieties of foods and drinks to choose from. I am sure everyone will get the foods and drinks they love from here. If you are not sure what to have, please ask for some suggestion from Ms. Ann. She will introduce you with foods that suit you.

We were first served with beverages........... We have two types of drinks for the night ~
Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera – RM6.00 and
Chamomile & Chrysanthemum Tea – RM4.50

Honey Lemon with Aloe Vera
For the honey lemon drink it cost only RM4.00 per glass but if you want to add Aloe Vera, you have to add RM2.00 more per glass.
The aloe vera has many benefits for us. You want to know more about the benefits, please click on the link. lol

Above photo is the type of aloe vera used by Young Heart Restaurant.
As for the Chamomile and Chrysanthemum Tea, it is a very soothing drinks. Once you get your first sip, you will know that there are two kind of tastes in the drink. As I think everyone should know the benefits of chrysanthemum tea so I will not elaborate much on that. However, the interesting part is young heart combine both Chamomile and chrysanthemum together. Chamomile have lots of benefits.... and one of the benefits is help you to relax. lol
I just realised that I did not take any shots for Chamomile and Chrysanthemum Tea. But I do take the following shot of the dried version of Chamomile and Chrysanthemum:

And the Chamomile and Crysanthemum cost RM4.50 per glass.
Following are the dishes for the night:
Young Heart Vege Roll:

Egg Vege Roll – RM6.60, Prawn Vege Roll – RM7.60 and Unagi Vege Roll – RM7.60
We were served with three types of vege roll. And the paper rice roll used for the vege roll is the same as the Vietnamese spring roll and for all the vege roll, it consists of carrots, lettuces, egg, prawn and unagi.
There are 3 (Chinese style, Japanese Style and Siam style) different sauces to go with the vege roll as following:
Following by appetizer:

Lotus Root with Sugar & Vinegar – RM3.00
This is one of the appetizers. And Ann told us that they use vinegar and sugar to marinate with lotus root.

Hot & Sour Soup – RM5.00 per bowl (serve 2)
This is modify version of Schezuan Hot and Spicy soup. Young Heart have their own style of hot & Sour Soup.

Snake Squash with Pork – RM11.80
We were told by Ann that the snake squash is usually used in Indian Cusine. They chose to use snake squash because of their textures of the squash are suitable for the dish.

Snake Squash

Sauces for the Dumpling and Goutie

Golden Scallop Dumpling - RM18.80
The dumpling is home made. And the skin of the dumpling is made with carrot and flour. And it turns out to be golden yellow in color.

Prawn & Leeks Goutie – RM9.60
Cheese & Chicken Goutie – RM10.80

Fried Bean Curd – RM4.80

Stir Fried Mix Vege & Mushroom – RM16.80
Prosperous Year in Malaysia – RM6.80
Fried Prawn & Garlic – RM18.80

Sponge Gourd with Pork - RM13.80
Steam Cod & Bean Curd – RM29.80
Noodles section:
All of the noodles are home made by the restaurant itself. And there are different ways of cooking. Following are some of the dishes offer by the restaurant:

Black Jelly Mushroom Fried Noodle – RM8.80
This is the stir fry version. It consists of home made noodles, cabbage, black fungus, fresh mushroom and sprinkle with some deep fried shallots.

Shredded Pork Noodle – RM7.50
This is the dry version.

Ground Pork in Spicy Bean Sauce Noodle – RM7.50
This is also the dry version. If you love spicy food this is one of the choices you can order.
Other attended food floggers:
CK Lam from
Criz Lai from Criz Bon Appetite
Allen Ooi from Yummy Station
Tam Chiak and Huat Koay from PenangTuaPui
Allie from Heavenly Allie
Gill & Jason from Gourmet Garden


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Very detailed review!

New Kid on the Blog said...

you guys are good la!!! gather together for a food review like that.... good!! thumbs up!

email2me said...

Nice review!

The restaurant ambiance makes you feels like you are dining at home.

CRIZ LAI said...

Gosh.. your food pxxxs are killing me.. When the next free food ar? LOL!

It's nice meeting you there for the first time. I hope to see you more for next time. :)

Allie said...

So many pics of the interior deco lor...
Nice to meet you!

Steven Goh said...

wao.. a lot of nice pictures, I am scrolling until my finger cramped when wanna place comments :) great review

vkeong said...

wow, so many food bloggers in one review! I am impressed

Food Paradise said...

Cariso - yes... that's your hand. Thanks for helping me to hold the snake squash and also the sponge gourd with pork. And nice to meet you! :P

CK Lam - Hope that I don't disappoint you. lol

NKOTB - Thanks!

Food Paradise said...

email2me - Thanks! Yes.... that's what the restaurant offers ~ home cook/made foods. lol

Criz Lai - Aiyo.... mine is not that good. lol Free foods ah....I also wonder when. lol
It's nice meeting you too and hope you remember me when there are good foods ah.... lol

Allie - Nice to meet you too. Just to show my readers the restaurant interior deco. lol

Food Paradise said...

Steven Goh - Really ah.... don't be so exaggerate leh. Thanks and nice meeting you.

vkeong - Thank you for dropping by. Impressed

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