Saturday, 31 January 2009

Kedai Makanan Nam Hooi

Sorry for not updating my blog for the past few days as I am away for a short trip. :) I am very tired after the short trip and busy for the past few days too. So, I might be slow updating my blog lately and hope everyone for understanding. lol
Well, I would like to wish every one "Gong Xi Fa Cai" and Happy "Niu" Year.
The post that I am going to introduce to every one today is ~
Kedai Makanan Nam Hooi
We passed through this restaurant every time when we are in Burmah Road and we did not notice this restaurant until few months ago when hubby wanted to parked our car in New World Park via Burmah Road Entrance. When hubby stopped to get the ticket, I can smell a very nice aroma coming through this restaurant. So we marked down this restaurant in our list and we get to try their foods last December.
Seating of Kedai Makanan Nam Hooi
We ordered the following and try:
Sweet and Sour Promfret
When we about to enter the restaurant, we can smell sweet and sour aroma coming from the open air kitchen. So we decided to give it a try and we ordered this sweet and sour promfret and it turns out to be nice. The fish is very fresh and it is very crunchy. My gal loves the sauce very much. I guess most kid loves the sweet and sour sauce. :D
Next, we ordered:
Tong Poh Rou
This is one of their signature dishes. The lady that took our order recommended that we should try their signature dish. So we give it a try. Well..... their tong poh rou is very different from others. Both hubby and I think that they used fermented bean curd to cook their tong poh rou and it tastes something different.
Stir fry bean sprout with salted fish
We love this dish very much. Although it is a very simple dish. lol
Overall..... the foods taste nice and the price is quite reasonable. They serve the foods very fast even though there are many peoples when we dine there.


renaye said...

ooh nam hooi at burmah road. will keep that in mind when i go back to penang. :D

worldwindows said...

Tong Poh Rou is one of my favourite in Ju Char. Melt in the mouth meat and fat, yum.

Food Paradise said...

renaye - yup..... is at Burmah Road. Try it!

worldwindows - really? We only order ocasionally. lol

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