Saturday, 17 January 2009

Min Jiang Cafe ~ Air Itam, Penang

Hubby told me about this cafe in Air Itam for quite some times. He was told by his colleagues that the tom yam noodle is very delicious and also the fish head bee hoon soup. But unfortunately the cafe only operates at night from 8pm.
So during one food hunt around that areas, we decided to stop by this cafe and try their foods. When hubby approach the Tom Yam Stalls, he was told that they are not ready yet. We have to wait till 8pm. So hubby went and ordered other foods while waiting to try the tom yam noodle. lol
So hubby orders:

Chee Cheong Fun
Hubby and my gal had this and they comment that the chee cheong fun tastes ok.

Char Siew Rice
Well...... since my gal wants rice, hubby went to look around and find this stall selling roasted chicken, duck, char siew........
And he orders the char siew rice. Look @ the char siew....... it is mainly fats. lol If you like to eat this kind of fats char siew, this is the stall you can visit.
Sauce and Soup for the Char Siew Rice
Grilled Fish
The grilled fish tastes not bad and spicy too.
Sauce for the grilled fish

Hokkien Mee
Since we still have to wait for quiet some time so we order hokkien mee to give it a try. And the hokkien mee tastes not bad too.
My hubby was told by his colleagues to try the fish head bee hoon too. And since we have to wait for the tom yam noodle, we ordered one bowl of fish head bee hoon to try. We were told to separate the deep fried fish and bee hoon soup when we ordered. As we can tried the texture of the deep fried fish separately. If not, when the deep fried fish is immersed with the soup, it will have different textures.
So we ordered that in that way:
Bee Hoon Soup
The bee hoon and soup is very tasty. My gal cannot resists once she tries it. She is keeps asking for more. lol

Deep Fried Fish Fillets
The deep fried fish fillets are very crunchy. And the fish is very fresh and juicy.

Tom Yam Prawn Noodle
Finally..... the tom yam prawn noodle arrived. There are lots of people waiting for the tom yam and the fish head noodle. And we waited quiet a long time. :P But luckily we ordered other foods if not we will be starving. lol
The tom yam soup has a very rich tom yam, lemon grass, lime leaves....... aroma but the soup base is too salty for my liking. The noodle texture is very perfect. Some tend to over cooked it. And the prawns is very fresh and juicy.


ck lam said...

I used to go there early and be the first few customers to wait for the Tom Yam seller to come...she usually comes after 8pm on her motorcycle.

Food Paradise said...

ck lam - yes.... she comes after 8pm. So we waited there since 7pm. lol As my hubby colleagues gave us wrong info. lol

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