Friday, 16 January 2009

Ais Kacang @ Sungai Petani

Location: Sungai Petani Old Bus terminal ~ Stall No. 19
I remembered few years back when I visited SP, hubby already brought me to this ice-kacang stall. Back then it is full of peoples but right now more youngsters prefer to have their ice-kacang in a better and cosy environnment like shopping centre. lol
However, we still go to this stall whenever we want to have ice-kacang or ice blended red bean. The next door stall has been interviewed by the TV programme called "Ho Ciak". My hubby families prefer this stall then the next door stall. :P

Stall No. 19 Gerai Lim

Ice blended red bean
I fall in love with this ice blended red bean when I first tried it. The ice bleneded red bean is very thick and it is topping with milo on top of the ice blended red bean. I tried many ice - blended red bean b4 but still I love this stall. Their ice-blended corn drink is also very nice.
Ais Kacang
Hubby and his aunt had this. And they seem to enjoy it very much.

This stall also serves rojak. And we order a small plate. The two little gals also enjoy eating the rojak very much.
That's the end of our food hunt in SP. As for dinner, my MIL cooks us a fabulous dinner. lol


阙爱芬╭* said...

I tried Ice blended red bean in Gurun only. Not sure other place have this too.

I like Ais kacang and Rojak so much.

"Ho ciak"

Food Paradise said...

myfanny - I have not went to Gurun for their famous yet. lol Thanks for sharing! Will try to blog more rojak and ais kacang for you. lol

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