Thursday, 15 January 2009

Restoran Bee Ah Tong (Mabrown) @ Sungai Petani

Location: No. 21 Jalan Petri, Sungai Petani, 08000, Kedah
Tel:04-422 1708
SP Food Hunt Part 2
This restaurants is a very old restaurants in SP. This restaurant is in business for more than thirty over years. When my hubby was a kid, he already patronize this shop. I have been to this shop once and I have a very deep impression of this shop as they served their rice in a steam bowl. But unfortunately when we went there they already sold out. So we just had the normal type. lol
Restoran Bee Ah Tong (Marbrown)

Entrance of the Restaurant
By the time we finished our lunch is around 2pm but we still see lots of people patronize this shop. lol
This restaurant got two types of sitting - air conditioning room and normal. From the photo you can see the air condition room is on the left hand corner, the air condition room has around 5-6 tables.
While we were there we bumped into my hubby relatives and we were busy chatting away and hubby do the ordering. And hubby orders:

Stir fry beancurd with leeks and prawns
This is one of the teochew dishes. And the beancurd is very tasty.

Steam fish with beanpaste and chillies
The fish is very fresh and all of us love the bean paste as it does not taste salty at all.

Kam Hiong Chicken
The kam hiong chicken tastes very tender and nice aroma but we found that it is a bit too salty for our liking. But it has a very nice aroma.

Deep fried prawn
I think hubby orders this for the two little gals. And it tastes very crunchy and the prawn is very fresh.

Egg omelettes with prawn
I am so surprised to hear from my gal that the egg omelette is very delicious. Usually she hardly comments on egg dishes. When she saw this photos, she told me she would like to have this omelette again next time when we dine in this restaurant. lol
Overall....... the foods taste nice and this helps to bring back old memories of my hubby, MIL and hubby aunt.
Stay tune for another posts of the food hunt in SP. :P


550ml jar of faith said...

Wow, I LOVE that signboard above the entrance. It's almost an antique! The food on the other hand, looks very fresh!

Food Paradise said...

550ml jar of faith - It's been operating for many years already. Yes, the foods indeed very fresh and tastes not bad. :)

Anonymous said...

Mabrown, the finest restaurant in 1960's and onwards. Beside the main Bee Ah Tong, you can also visit Mabrown in Melbourne (Famous over the city with its "Phi Pa Duck".

FoOd PaRaDiSe said...

Anonymous - Well, thanks for sharing and when I went back to Melbourne for a visit. Will give it a try! Thanks for dropping by. ^-^

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