Friday, 31 December 2010

Langkawi Nature Discovery Tour ~ Day Trip to Langkawi ex Penang Part I

On the 19 December 2010, I had an adventure experienced with Langkawi Nature Discovery Tour. Which is a sponsored travel review by Langkawi Coral.
Let me brief you with the itinerary of the tour for a start.
Langkawi Nature Discovery Tour ex Penang
7:30 - 8:00am Check in @ Swettenham Pier, Penang
(It is located opposite to Fort Cornwallis, along Jalan Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah)
GPS: 5.419728, 100.344506
* Notes: If you stay in hotel, some arrangement can be done for hotel pick-up (please check with Langkawi Coral - the pick up time would be around 7.15am - 7.55am)
8.15am - Depart for Langkawi by Ferry
Above are photos of the Swettenham Pier, Penang where we depart for Langkawi. And the ferry shown above is one of the ferries that departs for Langkawi.
* Notes: If you worry about sea sick, it is advisable that you took the sea sick medicine 30 minutes before departure.
11.15am Arrive in Langkawi
Above pictures were taken when we arrived at Kuah Jetty, Langkawi.
We were brief by Mr. Jafri about the itinerary for the day. After the briefing, we were lead to the car park area board on van to start our adventure tours. ^o^
* Please note that this tour is on van sharing basis*
Our first stop is to Royal Langkawi Yacht Club for our lunch.
Above are the views that you could see along and from the restaurant - Charlie's Place Waterfront Restaurant. I like the place where you can sit down and enjoy your meals + the sea view.
Charlie's Place Waterfront Restaurant entrance and part of the settings of the restaurant.
11:30 - 12:30pm We have about an hour to enjoy our lunch.
There are five sets of lunch menu to choose from
As a start, every one had Soup - Roasted Cream of Tomato Soup.
Follow by the main menu, photos above on the bottom left is Set 1A - Beef burger with fries and coleslaw topped with cheese. As for the bottom right, it is Set 1B - Chicken burger with fries and coleslaw topped with cheese as well.
Set 2 - Fish and chips with tartar sauce and coleslaw
Set 3 - Club Sandwich with fries and coleslaw
Set4 - Spaghetti Napolitana
Set 5 - Nasi Goreng Kerabu topped with fried egg, 2 chicken satays , pickles and papadam
After the main course, you have some desserts:
Dessert : Vanilla and chocolate ice-cream
Follow by coffee/tea to warp up the meal.
If you fancy with some of the drinks, you can order and pay by yourself as it is not included in the set lunch such as:
Fruit Punch @ RM12, Orange Juice @ RM8, Apple Juice @RM8 and Tiger Beer @ RM7
After the meals, you will have the energy to cope up with the adventure nature tour. So stay tuned for part II for more details of the tour.
In the meantime, I would like to wish all my readers, families and friends - "Happy New Year and all the best in 2011!!"

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Kedai Makan Fok Kee @ Corner of Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling and Lorong Pasar

Wow.... can't believe that I had neglected my food blog for quite sometime. This year is really a hectic year for me. There are so many things to do one after another. Since today is a quiet afternoon, I decided to updated some posts. ^o^
During one outing, we found one place to have some nice and affordable chu char. It is located just a few steps away from The Goddess of Mercy Temple (Kwang Yin Temple).
Kedai Makan Fok Kee
This is the outlook of the shops and also the menu that hang inside the shop.
While we were seated one uncle approach us to write our order. We were browsing through the menu on the wall and also asked the person to recommend us some dishes. End up we order:
Beancurd Soup
At first in our mind, we thought that it is just an ordinary beancurd soup that we usually ordered with salted vegetables. But this turn out to be like the "Foo chow" styles of sea cucumber soup (omit sea cucumber) with black vinegar that we tasted in Sarawak.
It's been quite a long time that we did not tasted this kind of soup. I personally quite enjoy it very much. The black vinegar is in a separate bowl. As some people don't take black vinegar. I like to add it with the soup. Although inside the soup just the basic stuff like bean curd, mushrooms, pork mince and eggs. But it is one of the comfort foods for me. ^o^

Claypot dark soya sauce pork
The pork was very tender after cooking in the claypot for some time. Loves the way that the chef add in coriander leaves into the claypot dark soya sauce. As it make the whole dishes more flavours. But it also depends whether you love coriander leaves or not. As for my family we love it very much. Even my gal loves the smell of it. (which we find quite awkward as most children hate the smell)
Stir fry kai lan with fish cakes
Steam fish with the house sauce
This was suggested by the person who took our order. He told us that it is not very spicy but end up, my gal cannot take it. Most of these went into our tummy. The fish is very fresh. The sauces is quite nice. A fine combination of sourness and spiciness. Actually if you can take spicy foods, this is consider not very spicy. ^0^
White rice
If you want to enjoy some "chu char", this is another place that can consider. The price is quite reasonable.

Friday, 24 September 2010

9 Tiers Birthday Cakes for Grandma's Birthday from Cake Story

As promised from my last blog post that I will blog about the birthday cakes. Following are some photos of the cakes. There are 9 layers of cakes. And there are 5 different kinds of flavours such as Chempedak, Mango Mix, Black Sesame with Hazelnuts, Moist Cake and Chocolate with Hazelnut.

95th birthday cakes for Grandma

Layer by layer settings of cakes

Cakes with 95th candles light up

This is the second times that we ordered 9th layer cakes for grandma birthday. The first time was 5 years back when grandma celebrated her 90th birthday. And every one loves the cakes. Therefore this time round, they want the same cake shop to do it.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Grandma 95th Birthday Celebration @ Jade Garden, Sungai Petani, Kedah ~ Part 1

Few months back, it was hubby grandma's 95th birthday. Most of the family members were busy doing all the preparation for the grand celebration. Guess from overseas flocking in and the outstation guests came. It was very busy day. But it was an enjoyable night.
There are many activities went on for the night such as line dancing performance, belly dancing, singing performance, lucky draw and cake cutting ceremony. ok, back to the foods that we had for the night:
Birthday Noodles
Usually for the start we had the birthday bun for the start but this year, they start with the birthday noodles. This year the birthday noodles was prepared with soup and accompanied with vegetables, prawns, chicken and pork slice, chillies slice and deep fried shallots.
The soup base is nice and sweet. And the noodles has the springy textures, Everyone at my tables loves it very much.
Birthday Bun
We kinda love the birthday bun in this restaurant. It was soft and the lotus paste inside the birthday bun was not too sweet. My gal was the one that always wants more of this bun. ^0^
5 Different Hot Plates
This year we had something different. As previously we had the combination of hot and cold dishes. This year they ordered 5 different types of hot dishes which including steamed egg custard topped with crab meat, BBQ stuffed chicken wings, deep fried prawn, fish and meat paste cake and stuffed crab stick, salted egg and fish paste wrap with bean sheet.
Shark Fin Soups
Actually we want them to do the other kind of shark fin soups which accompanied with the bean sprouts but we were told that we had around 70 tables, they are afraid that they have no man power to do so for us. So we end up with this shark fin soups. Which is also very nice and tasty.
Suckling Pig and Deep Fried Chicken with Plum Sauce
The suckling pig is very crunchy and it is accompanied with the steam bun. My gal can't resist the steam bun and she ate most of the steam bun. As for the adults in our table enjoyed the crispiness of the suckling pig. The deep fried chicken with plum sauce is nice too.
Steam Promfret with Teochew Style
The promfret was supply by ourselves to the restaurant. It is very fresh. Our Aussie guest was asking us what kind of fish is this. They love the textures of the fish and love it very much.
Combination of broccoli, braised sea cucumber, fish maw and "Fah Gao"
Not many people knew how to consume the above dishes. Some only took broccoli. But all these are one of my favourite foods. ^0^ And love the way they cook it. Even our Aussie guests try everything. And they love the textures and tastes of the braised sea cucumbers.
Black Pepper Prawn
The prawn was also supply by us to the restaurant. But this time round the prawn that we ordered was a bit smaller than expected.
Pumpkin with Black Sesame Tang Yuen
This is the last dishes that we had before we wrap up for the day. This year, they ordered pumpkin with black sesame tang yuen. The pumpkin soup was very smooth and the sweetness was just right. However, I feel that the tang yuen skin is a bit too thick. If they could adjust the thickness of the tang yuen skin, then it would be perfect.
Venue took place in
Jade Garden Seafood Restaurant,
202-209 Taman Ria Jaya 08000, Sungai Petani, Kedah.
Tel: 04 - 4412395, 4413548 & 4412828
*Watch up for my Part 2 post of hubby grandma's birthday cake. *Wink* *Wink*
In the meantime, FoOd PaRaDiSe would like to wish all my readers, families and friends "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival" tomorrow.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Goh Huat Seng (Chu Char) @ Lebuh Kimberley, Penang (revisit)

On and off we will stop by to Goh Huat Seng for some comfort foods. I still remembered my first trip to this restaurant. It's about 8 years ago. My mother in law (MIL) brought me there with great grandma, hubby's aunt and uncle. We had lunch there. And my MIL ordered us so many different dishes. And their steamboat is also one of my hubby favourite foods. This lead me to think of going back for their charcoal steamboat soon. ^-^
During our visit, we had a quick dinner with my sister in law (SIL) as we were in the hurry to settle something after the meal. So we order some simple dishes such as
Seaweed Fish Ball Soup
My gal loves the soup and not sure how many bowl of soup she had on that day. She told me she loves the fish ball too as it is in springy form.

Braised Duck and pork intestines
The braised dick is very tender. I love the way they cut the braised duck. It is cut into thinly sliced. It is easy for kids and the elderly.

Deep Fried Fish
Although it is just a simple deep fried fish but it is such a comfort foods for all of us. And my gal enjoys easting the fish since it is less bone intact. ^-^
Stir fry bean curd with leeks, prawn and mushroom
This dish can be easily found in most of the Teochew Cuisine. Sometime my mother in law also cooks this for us. Loves the bean curd as it is crunchy in the outer layer and soft inside.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Liu Li Xiang Klang Bak Kut Teh @ Gottlieb Road, Penang

During one rainy day, hubby and I were undecided what to have for dinner. And when we drove past Liu Li Xiang Klang Bak Kut Teh, we decided to drop in to try their foods. As we always passed through them but never have the chance to try it. And since it is rainy seasons, a pot of bak kut teh can warm us up.Liu Li Ciang Klang Bak Kut Teh should be no strangers to anyone as it has been operated for many years. It is located near Penang Chinese Girls' High School (PCGHS) @ Gottlieb Road, Penang.

Liu Li Xiang Klang Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh

Hubby ordered the bak kut teh and add more meat balls for my gal. She was very cold before she sip on the bak kut teh soup. After the first sip, she cannot resist for more as it could warm her up. She always loves the soup. Guess that soup base suits her taste buds.

Kerabu Bean curd

While ordering the bak kut teh, hubby was asked whether he would like to add on some additional dishes. Since we were pretty hungry, hubby decided to try the kerabu bean curd. We were told that this dish is one of the popular dishes. And we were not regret to order it. In fact we love it very much. The bean curd was deep fried and was coated with kerabu plus their special sauce.

Stir fry kailan with garlic

Usually we will order some greens for our meal and this time round, hubby order stir fry kailan as my gal enjoys eating the stem of kailan. ^0^Yam Rice

Hubby and I try their yam rice. And it is a bit too mushy for me.

White Rice

My gal always loves white rice. So order this for her. ^-^
Overall, it is a comfort foods for us during a rainy day. And foods are not bad.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Kozue Japanese Restaurant (revisit) @ Gurney Plaza, Penang

This is a back dated post. Which is sitting in my draft for many months. As I been busy this year and have not much time to spare for food blogging. And since it is a school holiday right now, I told myself, I need to spare myself sometime to do some blogging. ^0^
Recently, one of my friend asked me to recommend her some Japanese foods. After much thinking, I suggested her to try out Kozue since she shop at Gurney quite often and also with 3 kids tag along, I think it would be nice that she could try out.
This is our second visit to this place, for the first visit, you can refer to here.

Aspara Bacon ~ RM5
After he first visit, hubby loves the food. So we decided to go back again to try out other foods. This time round, we get Ms. Ivy to recommend us some foods. And she recommend that we try aspara bacon which we love it very much. It's a wrap of asparagus with bacon in a skewer. If you take beef, then I suggest that you try out their beef skewer as well.
Grilled Fish ~ RM58
This dish was not in the menu. We only knew that they offer this dish while chatting away with Ivy. If you remembered that in my first visit post, in the menu which there are so many question marks on it? Which means that there are special meals available every day. Which you have to ask them. Their every day meal changes every day. And we were glad that we have the chance to try upon the grilled fish. It was nicely done and the fish has a rich aroma and textures.
There are additional sauces to go with you. But I prefer the ordinary aroma from the fish. Both hubby and I think that it is best to dig in with its original aroma. However the sauces are nice too. It is make of vinegar.
Traditional Japanese Braised Pork Intestines ~ RM15
This is another dish that we try on that day. We were told that this is the traditional Japanese foods. Well, it seems like the same as our Chinese braised pork intestines but the sauce uses is different. The pork intestines are very tender. Hubby loves it very much.

Yaki Udon ~ RM17
Hubby would like to try their udon. So he order yaki udon to try it out.
Unagi Don
My gal loves unagi very much. Therefore, she ordered the unagi don for herself.
Goma Ice-cream ~ RM7
Before we wrap up our meal, we decided to try out their ice-cream as recommend by my friends. And we are glad that we try out their ice-cream. As it has a very rick black sesame flavours on it.
Location: 170-03-59a/60 Gurney Plaza, 10250, Penang.
Tel: 604 - 2269336
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