Thursday, 29 September 2016

Xen Teck Cafe @ Pengkalan Weld, Penang.

Occasionally, we will head to Pengkalan Weld to have our breakfast during the weekend. We normally like to go there pretty early as if you come late, normally its hard to get some seats. I always think that I had blogged about this place long time ago as I have been patronising this place for many years.
Anyway, I took this opportunity to introduce you a place for breakfast. They have a great varieties of choice to choose from:

Food that we savour:

Koay Teow Th'ng
We quite enjoy the Koay Teow Soup. Love the broth which really nice and tasty. Occasionally. I will order their been hoon soup as we love the springy vermicelli textures. If you love springy type of vermicelli, please give this a try!

Char Koay Teow

Fried Rice
Char Koay Teow and the fried rice are from the same stall. Love their food from this stall as they cook the food with the exact wok heat (wok hei in Cantonese) needed. Not everytime you get to savour their fried rice if too early. Fried rice from this stall is my princess favorite.
I brought a few visitors here before and they really enjoyed the char Koay Teow from this stall compares to the other.
* Note: I think this stall have changed proprietor since my last visit. The taste has vary.
 Curry Mee
The curry mee here is also not bad. Have the rich aroma of curry. Quiet generous amount of ingredients in it.
Wantan Mee
Sometime I will opt for wantan mee when I wish to have some dry version of noodles. The noodles have a right texture. Not too soft. 

 Hokkien Mee
The hokkien mee is also one of the popular dishes at this coffee shop. Have a nice soup base.
Bak Kut Teh
I like to enjoy a bowl of bak kut teh if we arrive pretty early in the morning. As sometime is very cool due to the seabreeze. With a cool weather and enjoy hot pipping bak kut teh is very enjoying for us. 
I love their bak kut teh soup base and my princess will usually go for the meat ball.
Ban Chang Kuih
Whenever we visit this coffee shop, hubby never failed to order the ban chang kuih. Sometime he will order the normal type, sometime with peanut butter or with bananas. They have lot of choices to choose from but normally I will prefer the normal type or with extra peanuts.Overall, this is one of the favorite morning breakfast places as they have many local delicacies to choose from under one roof.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Hoe Kee Chicken Rice @ Jalan Hang Hebat, Malacca.

The second day in Malacca, we visited Jonker Street and spent our time visiting the nearby attractions. Since some of my peers never tried the famous chicken rice balls before. So we decided to stop by Hoe Kee Chicken Rice. Well, since it is a public holiday cum school holiday plus it was weekend. Imagine the queue. 
The other famous chicken rice shop also have a long queue near the bridge. Since those who never tried before, they don't mind to wait for the long queue.

Food that we savour:

Food that we ordered
Assam Fish Head - RM27
One of our peers is not really fancy of chicken, so we ordered Assam fish head for her. And of course we get to savour it as well. It's a bit spicy for my peers. The fish head is fresh and they love the assam gravy.
Stir fry Beijing Cabbage - RM5
Chicken, chicken livers, chicken giblets and cucumbers for 4 persons serve
I would said that they are very generous with their serving. Actually, we had 5 persons dinning but we opt for 4 persons serving as we ordered Assam fish head. And it just cost us RM28 for this big chicken platter.
The chicken is very tender and soft. So as to the chicken livers and giblets. 
Chicken Rice Balls
There are about 15 chicken rice balls. Which cost us RM4.50. So it's about RM0.30 per chicken rice ball. Overall, we still prefer their loose rice over their chicken rice balls.

FoOd PaRaDiSe verdict:

The shop is very clean. The service is very attentive and systematic. They will take your order while you line up. As for the food vice, we still prefer the chicken loose rice over the chicken balls. Love the tender chicken textures and also the chicken livers and giblets.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Restoran Atlantic One @ Jalan Portugis (Jalan Kubu), Malacca.

During a recent trip to Malacca with my peers, we were scheduled to stop by 
Restoran Atlantic One
Address: 78 Jalan Portugis (Jalan Kubu), 75050 Malacca.
Tel: 012 -6719993/ 012-3579388
Business Hour: Tuesday to Wednesday 11am to 4pm
Thursday to Sunday 11am to 4pm, 6pm to 10pm
Closed on Monday

Food that we savour:

Tauhu Tempra
Its a bit crispy of the outer bean curd but it is very soft and silky inside. And it was sprinkle with deep fried shallots, sprinkle spring onion and deep with their special soya gravy.
Rendang Chicken
Nonya Chap Choi (Vegetables)
If you are vege lover, you will love this dish very much. It consists of cabbage, carrot, assorted mushrooms, black fungus and etc.
Lady Finger with sambal
We love their lady finger very much and the sambal goes well with the lady finger.
Cincalok Egg
Love the hot plate cincalok egg very much. When you bite on the egg you can savour the cincalok inside. It is not salty at all. 
Sambal winged beans with prawn and sotong
Have a nice combination of sambal winged beans with prawn and sotong. Not too spicy at all.
Assam Pedas Fish
The assam pedas fish is a bit spicy compares to other dishes. But my peers love the assam pedas gravy. The fish is very fresh and nice in texture.

Desserts that we savour:

We wrap up our meal with the cendol. The good thing about this shop's cendol is you can add gula melaka according to your liking as you like. 

FoOd PaRaDiSe verdict:

Overall, we were happy with the food that were served in this restaurant. They also sell the sambal for RM15. I would recommend that you give it a try. It is very delicious. If you would like to savour the food, i recommend that you better give them a call for reservation as the time we dined in were fully booked. 
*Sorry for the pictures as were taken with friend camera.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Penang Street Roti Jala & Roti Jala @ Penang Street, Penang.

Actually, in Penang there are lot of stalls situated in different streets in Penang.
During one weekday morning, hubby and I drop by Penang street to savour some local delicacies. We stopped by:
Penang Street Famous Roti Canai and Roti Jala
Preparing Roti Canai in action
Roti kosong
Hubby normally will tell them to make the roti kosong "garing". As we preferred very crispy textures.
Roti Canai Bawang Telur
Sometime I will opt for roti telur but at this stall its serves with onion as well. The texture of the roti telur served here is very crispy too!
Apart from the roti canai, roti canai bawang telur, they also serve roti Jala. But unfortunately we were quite full and did not ordered that for a try!
Next to the Penang Street Famous roti canai and roti Jala, they serve Nasi Lemak, drinks, bread toast and egg.
Preparing nasi lemak in action
Nasi lemak bungkus
Nasi Lemak
While we were there, they just started to serve the hot pipping Nasi Lemak. That's why we can't resist to give it a try. They are so generous with their nasi lemak sauce. Quite a good try with this stall nasi lemak. 
I just love the simple Nasi Lemak ingredients - sauce ( Nasi Lemak sauce), egg, peanuts and anchovies.
Teh Tarik
We usually will order the tea with less sugar. The tea served here is pipping hot with a nice tea and spice aroma. I believed that they serve us masala tea. 
They also served ginger milk, milk and coffee as well. 
Overall, hubby and I enjoyed our early morning at this stall. And we were fortunate as when we about to leave, there are lot of customers flocking in. Most I believed were those who worked nearby Penang street.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Moody Cow Cafe @ Transfer Road, Penang.

During one of the weekends tea time, one of my friends reckon that we shall give this place a try. Actually, it's a belated birthday celebration for one of my friends. 
Since she would like to have some cakes and a place to catch up, we decided to give this place a try:
Moody Cow Cafe
Address: 170 Transfer Road, Penang.
Business Hour: 11am to 12am everyday
Contact number: +604 - 2262646
Interior Lighting

Counter with menu
That's the menu on the board. 
Varieties of cakes & biscuits choice

Drinks that we consume:

Ice Lemon Tea - RM 7
Liquid lunch - RM9
Combination of apple, carrot, celery and cucumber juice.

Cakes that we savour:

Madness Chempedak 
Macha Madness with Longan 
Overall, if you are a cheesecake lover then I would suggest that you give this cafe a try for their cheesecake. They actually have many different kinds of cheesecake each day. But during our visit, mostly were the Madness Chempedak, Madness Durian, Hybrid and Macha Madness.
We skipped durian flavour's cake as one of my friends is not a durian fan, so we opt for another famous cake - Madness Chempedak. This Madness Chempedak cake has a rich aroma of Chempedak. Chempedak lover you must give this a try! 
As for the Macha Madness. It's something different. Macha with Longan. Very rich aroma in Macha.
Warning: Their cheesecake are really rich in aroma and flavour. For three of us, we can't even finished any of the cheesecake. We still left a lot and I need to take away. Back home, my hubby and gal have a try for both cakes, they favour the Madness Chempedak over the Macha Madness. 
Actually, I am looking forward to their mangoes flavour but unfortunately at the time of visit they don't have any mangoes flavour. However, they have some interesting flavours cake that with century egg + ikan billis, salted egg and etc.
You can visit their Facebook page for new cakes update. Their Facebook page is
The cafe is a bit dimmed. That's my first impression. I walked in and was approached by a guy and asked me how many people to dine in? I told him three. Then he asked if I want to order any drink/food first? I told him can I wait for my friends to come first. Then he said yes and let me seated on one of the tables near to the counter. We are quite satisfy with their services. The only drawback is it took quite a long time for the drinks to be served. I think it's because they have many walk in customers for the take away cakes and cookies.
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