Thursday 27 April 2017

Kedai Kopi Ban Leong Ean 万隆轩茶室 @ Lebuh Armenian, Penang.

Restaurant that we reviewed:

Kedai Kopi Ban Leong Ean 万隆轩茶室
Address: 59 Lebuh Armenian, Penang.

Food that we savour:

Curry Mee
For those who cannot take too spicy food, you can give this curry me a try. It's not too spicy for me. The curry soup base is very tasty with the addition of the chilies paste makes it more flavourable. Generous amount of fresh cockles, cuttlefish and fried tao pok.

Hokkien Mee
Actually we came for the hokkien mee and was surprise to see they do serve curry mee as well. Well, I have the try of the hokkien mee soup base which tastes very flavourable and has a nice prawn aroma. Overall, it's a nice place to have breakfast.


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