Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Haven Delights @ Penang Times Square

On Sunday night, hubby bought a Chinese newspaper. While he is reading his newspaper, he saw a new place opening in Penang Times Square and he is so excited and comes and tell me all about this restaurant. And after reading the newspaper, we just realised that they have open since 2 weeks ago and the grand opening is just last Saturday. And since Monday is a public holiday, hubby is so eager to go and try the new outlet.
Haven Delights Interior and main entrance
Basically the restaurant serves cuisine from Shanghai, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.
After we were seated, we were served with two menu and plain water. Then we have time to browse through the menu. After browsing through we decided to ask them the section where they indicate the "Buffet Menu". We wonder what is that as it is quite similar to the main menu. Then we were told that the buffet will only start on 20March 2009.
Dear readers,
Please take note that the buffet will start on 20 March 2009 and it cost RM49.90 ++ per person. Their buffet is like "Tao Cuisine" style. You can order from the buffet menu section as many as you could within the time frame of 2 hours from the time you step into the restaurant. Buffet would be open from 10.30am - 11pm daily. ~ Updated 20.04.2009 courtesy of Criz. ^o^ 
***And my advise to my reader is to wait till 20 March 2009 and go for their buffet. ***
We order the following dishes to try:

That's my gal "must have" item when she saw it in the menu. However the endamame serve in this restaurant is some what different. As usually they steam and season it with some salt and from my gal, she told me that they season with butter.

Nabeyaki Udon
The next serving arrive is the Nabeyaki Udon. The textures of the udon is ok and soup tastes nice.
3 Cup Chicken
Hubby saw 3 cup chicken in the menu and he asked whether I would like to try it out. I told him, yes...... please go ahead. The 3 cup chicken is very different with the other 3 cup chicken we had before. I find that it lack of the basil aroma for 3 cup chicken. However, the chicken is very tender and yet tastes ok.
Chay Heong Tofu
This is one of the dish that is recommended by the waitress that took our order. I am asking her to suggest some of the "popular" foods that being serve in Haven Delights.
Well...... the Chay Heong tofu tastes not bad...... it is a bit salty if you take it directly. However, it would be nice if it taken with some rice.
Japanese Gyoza
This is another dish that recommended by the waitress too. And it turns out to be quite nice. However, I would prefer them to pan fried them a bit longer so that the outer part of the gyoza would tastes more crunchy.
Scallop Yaki
This is hubby order. He cannot resist to order this. There are only 2 pieces of scallop yaki in a plate. But the scallops are big. It is sprinkle with Japanese dried chillies powder and it tastes the combination of spicy and sweetness. I don't mind to order few plates of this if it is available in the buffet menu. ^o^
Silky Lau Mee
This is another recommended dish by the waitress. It is a very big plate of "mee". And the textures of the noodles is very QQ (may be some might call it silky since it's silky lau mee after all). But it tastes a bit salty for our liking. My gal loves the texture of the noodles and so do we.
Then after finished ordering the foods, I am looking for the deserts section. They have quite number of choices of dessert to choose from. But this time it's another waitress came and do our ordering as the previous one need to do some other stuff so this waitress kept telling me about the ice-cream and also coconut jelly. Then I asked hubby if he want "Mocha" ice-cream since he is the green tea fans. And he said yes and I opt for guru gama ice-cream.
Mocha Ice Cream
When the ice-cream is being serves, our eyes turn "BIG" as it is 2 big scoops of ice-cream. While I ordered the mocha ice cream I was told that they did not have the red bean to topped with the ice-cream for the time being but hubby still want to try.
The verdict is....... hubby don't like it as it is too bitter for him. May be if they topped with the red bean it would be nicer.
Kuru Gama Ice Cream
Well..... I decided to try this as I did not get the chance to try the black sesame ice-cream in ISARIBI Japanese Restaurant. So this is my first time to try the black sesame ice-cream and it has a very strong black sesame aroma.
*** One thing I would like to comment here about the ice-cream. The ice-cream is being served when we about to start our last dish. It would be nice that they serve when we finished our meals. ^o^ ***


cariso said...

Haven Delights - a topic among us on its buffet offer! You will go right? Waiting for your review!

Anonymous said...

Saw it in the papers too. Nice to see your review.

Anonymous said...

wa... u are so fast.....

i am about to go nia.. u sapu in ur pocket liao... OMG.....

here i come......

New Kid on the Blog said...

wow... you're one of the first few to review this place!!!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm all those yummy food makes me hungry already, Really like your photo skills, sure is much better than mine.

I compiled Penang Tourism Guide recently. Please visit and have some comments .. Hopefully I will visit Penang soon :)


CRIZ LAI said...

They were opened two weeks ago? LOL! End February, they were still rushing to get the restaurant completely renovated. :P

Anyway, I wanted to go but no "kaki". I heard their fried rice was really good, filled with "wok hei" but most of those with average income complained that the food was rather pricey.

I won't mind actually if the food are good... I just pity my wallet.. haha :P

Just some note here... the whole area will have a potential 45 food outlets soon. Other shopping and entertainment outlets would be at phase 2 within the next 1-2 years. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are fast! In fact on the opening day, I plan to go for their buffet, luckily didn't go lor.. AFter that only i know the buffet will be available later.

The tofu look good wor...

Food Paradise said...

cariso - err.... not sure if I will go for their buffet but no worries PTP is going soon. So you wait for your review. lol

cklam - waiting to see your review too.... go try the buffet!

PTP - hahahha.... waiting to see your review. You should try their buffet. Get a bunch of friends to try it out! If scallops is in the menu, please order more as that plate cost RM12. lol

Food Paradise said...

NKOTB - hahhaha..... thanks to my hubby lor...

ironchef - Thanks! but I think my photo skills is not so good. :D I will sure visit your blog! wait for my comments. ^o^

Criz Lai - aiyo.... it stated in the newspaper are right leh.... average incone will complained lah..... that's why i asked my readers go for their buffet lor..... more worth lor.... aiya... no "kaki:? call me lah.... will surely go with you makan.
Wah.... thats mean more food outlet to "makan" lor.... actually I saw swensen and another outlet there too.

allie - oh really.... lucky you... wait for their buffet then try it out. The tofu tastes nice. Order it next time but go with some rice as it's a bit salty for us. ^o^

bennystar99 said...

Hi i was there for the third time since it opens.I actually like the interior a lot.It s so cosy n roomy.Just like th photos u posted by food paradise.Shots so well taken.I like the food a lot better.Cant resist so many varied choices as i like japanese n chinese food as much.I like the fried rice so much,really fried so well n tasteful,though its a simple dish but a well fried one leaves u polishing up the wholeplate.The sushi /sashimi is looks just as tempting.Xiaolongpau n tofu r good.Few dishes was a little bit salty but otherwise still quite good.One interesting thing i heard was that half the team here was previouly from Tao including the head chef of Tao had joined here with a team of chefs from HongKong.The sushi counter is managed by one specially trained in Japan.I had a confirmation today from the staff that the buffet will start from 20th march.I will need to dig deeper in my pocket for this luxury.Here i will come again on 20th.See u there Tua pui,Foodparadise,Cislai,allie,ironchef,NKOTB,n the rest..foodlovers.....

bennystar99 said...

Hi i was there for the third time since it opens.Likes the interior a lot really cosy n roomy.Just like yr well taken photo shots.I like the varied selection of food though as i like japanese food as much as chinese.The tofu is really great,just as well as the fried rice.I couldnt help polishing up the plates.Xiaolong pau n the japanese gyoza also one of my favourites.Few dishes as was mentioned is a little salty otherwise should be good.One interesting thing i heard is that half the kitchen team here r previously form Tao including the head chef from Tao had joined here with the rest of the chefs from HongKong.,n Japan.The have a nice sushi countermanned by a sushi chef trained from Japan.Interesting indeed.Also got a confirmation that their buffet starts from 20thmarch n its Rm49.90/pax.Looks like i will need to dig deep in my pockets for this voracious appetite of mine..Seeu guys there n sure to order to scallops!!!

bennystar99 said...

Its been confirmed!Their buffet starts from20th march.I like the decor a lot,n of cos much more the varied selection from their menu.My favourites r the scallops,gyoza,xiaolongpau,fried rice,tofu,n the chicken rice.Also confirmed that the buffet is at Rm49.90/pax.Looks like im goin to tug in again n dig deep in my pocket this weekend again for a treat there.....c u food lovers there.BTW the photo shots by foodparadise r great!!!

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Food Paradise said...

bennystar99 - wow.... you already visited 3 times since opening. You are their great fans! ^o^ Thanks for all the info..... and hope to meet you one day too.
My photo shots is so-so only, still trying best to capture good pictures. ^o^

quanton - Thanks, Kaylee. I am glad that you enjoy reading it. Feel free to leave any comments and thanks for dropping me a message. ^o^

bennystar88 said...

Hi sorri for messing up yr post with so many repeated messages as i still couldnt get it right.Looks like i keep on forgeting the password!!!Give me sometime n i will get it in order k.Thabks.

Food Paradise said...

bennystar88 - no did not mess up my post at all. Feel free to leave any comments. ^o^

Anonymous said...

Hei,thanks for introducing this restaurant.I had a fantastic buffet eat all u can last friday.It was really great n we had a marvellous time with the food n the nice service there.Looks like we r heading there again this weekend lol...

Unknown said...

Anonymous - I am glad to hear that you enjoying your foods there. Hope you have enjoyable "all you can eat" this weekend too. ^o^

Anonymous said...

What a suck service they provide for us since we never go there yet. I bought the groupon voucher few month ago and i make the reservation last 1 and half month before. On that time they ans my phone keep on ask me wait and wait and wait for checking. After wait 5 min checking, they answer me with a bad tone tell me i have to wait 1 month only have a place for us. On that time they confirm say already reserve for me. Then we wait for 1 month. Now... they said i never make any reservation and scold me. Wow.... Now again They use very suck tone tell me, i have to wait half month. OMG~ Is it the food very delicious?? Have to wait 1 month and 1 month... Never go there again!!!

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