Saturday, 28 February 2009

Shang Ping Restaurant @ Taman Hijau Tiga, Batu Lanchang, Penang

During one weekend, we drove by this restaurant and we see that quite a lot of people in there, so we decided to stop by the restaurant and give it a try. The Restaurant is located at Taman Hijau Tiga, Batu Lanchang.
The restaurant is air-condition and few tables are located outside the restaurant. We were very lucky as we manage to get a seat inside the restaurant. The moment we sat down, we were attended and we start to order our dishes for the night. After we placed our ordered, the restaurant are full house and some customers have no choice but to sit outside the restaurant.
Shang Ping Restaurant

Entrance to the Restaurant

Curry Fish Meat Slice
The curry fish meat slice that we ordered is the sour types of curry. And it tastes delicious. We see a lots of people ordering it. The fish meat slice is very fresh. The gravy is nice to go with rice as their ingredients use lot of herbs. lol

Seaweed Soup with Fish Ball
The soup is normal home cooked soup but it tastes very delicious. My gal loves it very much. I think she is the one who finished most of it.

Indonesia Chicken
We are not sure how their Indonesia looks like. So we ordered one to try. When this dish approaching our table, you can smell a very nice aroma. The chicken tastes very tender and delicious. This Indonesia's Chicken is very lemak type of dishes. And for me, it is not spicy at all. lol

French Bean with Mince Pork
This is another great dish even though is a simple dish.
Overall, their foods tastes very delicious. We will definitely go back again, price vice is also reasonable. However, a piece of advice ~ please go there early otherwise you will have to either wait or sitting at the outside of the restaurant which is open air.
For reservations, please call 604 - 2828711/ 019-4719138

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Sabah Food Hunt Part V ~ Tuaran Mee Restoran

Before on our trip to Kudat, we picked up my brother from the airport and head to Tuaran for his breakfast. Since we already had our breakfast in the hotel, so we are not intend to take any. But after arriving at Tuaran, we went around the town area and spotted this shop which is full of customers. So we decided to give it a try.
Tuaran Mee Restoran
Located at Tuaran. Tuaran is 33km away from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It is just a little small town.
While we were seated, all the "Tham Chiak" person in our table are looking around other tables. After the waiter came to take our orders, all of us "Pause" for a minute as we don't know what they offer. Basically we saw most of the tables order noodles. Wet, dry, fry version.
Hmm....... we were still full........ but my brother still not having his breakfast yet...... so he ordered:

Fried Tuaran Mee (Dry Version)
When this being serves...... err..... looks like "instant noodles" with some eggs and garnishing with some"Char Siew" and "Fish Cake Slice".
How's the tastes? I am too eager to find out after I finished taking the photo. My brother say...... errr.... why don't you try some? Oh "O"......tastes really bad is it? He just laugh. So. I go ahead and try...... hmmm..... the noodles got the QQ textures. Tastes vice is not bad.
After my brother order, I decide to order Kolok Tuaran Mee as next to our table is having that. lol I cannot order more as others say they are really "FULL".
Kolok Tuaran Mee
When this being served, we asked the waitress why it looks light in colour and the one next to us is black in colour? Then she response to us that they order Kolok Tuaran Mee with soya sauce added. Then we just realise that as we thought it's the same. Anyway...... my plate of Kolok Tuaran Mee is not bad either. Just a bit too salty to my liking. End up my plate of Kolok Tuaran Mee is finished real fast as people around me start to dig in when I told them it has "QQ" textures. hahhahaha..... I should order other varieties too since all the "Tham Chiak?" can help me to finish it. lol

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sabah Food Hunt Part IV ~ Upperstar Cafe & Bar

After the dinner, we went to shop around at 1 Borneo and when it's nearly 9, we went back to the hotel room and brought mum for dinner. Mum prefers the light meal so we go to the city centre as my sister was told by her friends that only few choices are for light meals. And my sister decided to try:
Upperstar Cafe & Bar
Location: Block C, Lot 8, Ground Floor, Segama Complex. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: 088 -270775
This is one of the popular places for the Sabahan. You can see many people gather together, have a drink, meals, chit - chat.........
Orange Smoothie ~ RM6.95
My sis opts for this and she loves it very much.
Orange Juice ~ RM4.95
Cappuccino ~ RM4.55
This is my order and I am very disappointed with this. Want to know the reason?
Well, the cappuccino that being served is exactly like the 3 in 1 packet. lol And it costs me RM4.55 per cup. :P
Then we order some foods to share among us as we were quite full from the early on dinner and mum is a small eater and she wants us to share with her. lol So we order:
Grill Salmon ~ RM14.95
After my drink being served, I wonder how's the food? Will there be another disappointment? Well, lucky the answer is "No". Phew........
The grill salmon tastes very nice. And it is served with chips, garlic bread an coleslaw.
Garlic bread
Zoom version of grill salmon
Grill Chicken ~ RM13.95
Next..... the grill chicken. The chicken is very tender and juicy. And the marinated sauce has a very nice aroma. It is also served with chips, garlic bread and coleslaw.
Tiramisu Cake ~ RM6.50
I order Tiramisu to try and the tiramisu cake has a very strong taste of liquor. And the sponge cake is finely done. Overall, the cake tastes nice and every one loves it.
Overall.... this restaurant is a good place for people to gather around for a drink and light meal. But I don't recommend for kids. As lot of people around there are smoking and I don't think they have non - smoking section. lol As for the tastes vice, it is way much more better than the meal that we had (dinner) early on. lol

Monday, 23 February 2009

Sabah Hunt Part III ~ Hong Kong Recipe

After a trip to Mt. Kota Kinabalu, mum was exhausted and she wants to go back to the hotel to rest. And since is around five, we decided to get something to eat nearby the hotel. So we went to 1 Borneo again. After browsing through few restaurants, we decide to try:
Hong Kong Recipe
Location: G823, Ground Floor, 1 Borneo, Jalan Sulaiman, 88450. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: 088 - 488833
Interior of Hong Kong Recipe
L to R: Watermelon Juice and Smooth Tea
Ice Lemon Tea
Two different types of chillies
Macau Chicken Chop Burger ~ RM6.30
Hubby opts for the burger as he doesn't want to have something too heavy. As he plans to get some supper later since mum did not join us for this meal. We decided to bring her to another place later on. lol
According to hubby, the burger tastes not bad.
Unagi Don ~ RM18.80
After browsing through the menu, my gal opts for her favourites ~ unagi. lol When the unagi don is being served, my gal starts to dig in. But after the first scoop, she stops and asked us why the unagi tastes different? Then I tried some and I know the answer to her question. lol
The unagi is grilled and it is only top with the normal soya sauce. :D The tastes is like, you pour some soya sauce directly on top of the unagi. So what do you think it will taste like? It tastes odd.
Shrimp Wantan Spinach Noodles ~ RM7.80
The noodles got the QQ textures and tastes not bad. I love the Shrimp Wantan. It is very delicious. Every one get to try one shrimp wantan and commented the wantans are delicious. lol
Japan Chicken Chop Ramen ~ RM11.80
The ramen also has the QQ textures. And the soup base is very sweet and delicious.
Chicken Chop
The chicken chop tastes nice and the chicken is very tender and crispy.
Overall..... the foods are just average as compare to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sabah Food Hunt Part 2 ~ Garden Seafood Restaurant

Once we touched down KK and met my sister, she already told me few restaurants to choose for the reunion dinner. As I asked her to ask around whether most of the restaurants operate during Chinese New Year eve. But in her mind she already decided to go to

Garden Seafood Restaurant
Location: Off Jalan Mat Salleh, Tanjung Aru.
Tel: 088 - 442222, 442211
Aquarium for the fresh fishes, crabs, mantis prawns........
Some of the restaurant setting
The restaurant has two sections - air condition and non air condition. The photo above is the non air condition section.
After being seated, we were served with
Fresh Chili and Garlic
Sabah Chillies
My sister kept reminding me that the chillies sauce is very spicy around in Sabah, and she asked me to try a small amount first before scooping lots of it.
I let my mum to be the honour to try it first as she always comments that the chillies in Penang are not spicy at all. lol After mum tried some and she told me that it is really spicy. I did try it and it is really hot and spicy, the burning sensation that really makes you awake.
Steam White Blotched Snapper a.k.a Hoi Tai Kai
Hubby so happy that the first dinner at KK, he is able to try this white blotched snapper. He's been wanting to try this fish when he saw Ah Xian programme. lol As Ah Xian said the textures of the fish is exactly like chicken. And this proves that to be true. I think hubby is the one who finished most of the fish. lol The fish is very fresh.

Stir Fry Clam with Spring Onion and Ginger
When the clam arrived, we look at the shell, it's look like scallop. However, it is a clam. And the clam tastes very nice.
Stir fry Sayur Manis with garlic ~ RM12
If you been to some part of Sarawak or Sabah, you might have the chance to savour this type of vegetables.
Let me introduce to you what is Sayur Manis? Actually it is something like "Mani Chai", Babi Chai"......, Different places tend to call different names. It is usually serves in pan mee. The leafy vegetables that serve in the Pan Mee is what I refer to. However, we consume all the stems for the sayur manis. For the "Mani Chai" or........ we usually consume the leaves only.
You can see the photos of sayur manis from "This leafy vegetable was first discovered in the Sabah town of Lahad Datu by a farmer, who found a way to grow the stems into a crunchy texture and give the leaves a tender texture. Today, Lahad Datu is famous for these leafy greens."
Hubby never try it before, and he is lucky to try it. We try to order the same vegetable the next few days in other restaurant, but we were told that since it is raining season, the vegetable does not grow well so they did not get any from their suppliers. lol
This is one of the vegetables that I will order whenever I visited KK. lol It is very crunchy. My hubby loves it after he tried it.
I would suggest that you try this when you are in KK or some part of Sarawak. Usually when we order in Mandarin we will call it "Sabah Su Zai Chai". lol
Spicy and Salty Special type of Mantis Prawn ~ RM60
Why I mention it special? As hubby told me that the mantis prawn looks different from Penang Mantis Prawn. And each of the mantis prawn was kept in one plastic bottles and tied. I should have took the photos to show my readers. The mantis prawn has the black and yellowish stripes over the body. lol
The mantis prawn is very fresh and the textures of the mantis prawn are just right. It is well cook with the nice aroma. Very yummy indeed!
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