Sunday, 30 September 2007

Fried Kuih @ Jalan Free School

Location: It is @ the right hand side of Jalan Free School b4 the round about

This uncle fried and sell five types of kuih. Many people queue up waiting for him. If you want to go there be prepare to wait. :)
Topioca Fritter

Green Bean fritter and 3 layered kuih (Yam, Sweet potato & Ti Kuih)

Have you ever taste the 3-layered-kuih before? The first time i taste the kuih is when my mum in law cooking it after chinese new year few years ago. It is one slice of Nian guo(sweet, sticky glutinous rice cake ) sandwiched in between one slice of yam and another slice of sweet potato; dipped into batter prior to deep fried.

Sunday breakfast @ Fong Lye Cafe

It is late when we arrive @ town. So the coffee shop is pack with peoples. We have to wait for so long for our orders. Poor gal is so HUNGRY! And her spagetti is the last to arrive. Hahaha

Curry Mee - It is a white colour curry mee b4 you add the chilli paste in. When you add the chilli paste into the soup. It will turn red in colour.

Fried Noodles with Clams & Prawns - It is good in aroma and the noodles has very good texture. (Some people cook the noodles till very soft)
French Toast - It is a very special toast which they coated with a very thick egg outside the bread. So when you eat it. You actually don't feel as if you are eating a bread.

Saturday, 29 September 2007

Restoran Belok Bayan

We had dinner @ Bayan Food Court tonight. As usual I will have Pan Mee, my gal had rice with chicken oat and egg. Hubby had Nasi Lemak but i did not took the photo as he had started eating it b4 I have the chance to snap it. :) He is too hungry!

Dry Pan Mee
Rice with Chicken Oat and Egg
BBQ Fish

Yam Rice with Salted Vegetable Soup

Location: Opposite Chai Leng Park Wet Market Address: Seberang Perai, Butterworth

Shop Name
Salted Vegetable soup with pork meat, pork ball, and pork intestine and many more.
Vinegar Pork Leg Stew
Yam Rice
Hmm...... the food is very nice and the special chilli sauce is fabulous. But forgot to take photo of it. The favourite part is the "soup". It is serve HOT each time. What I mean is they will always add extra hot soup for you when you are eating. So each time you drink the soup it is hot. It will never turn "COLD".
Note: Hubby and I feel hungry soon after we arrive Penang. hahahaha I think the soup make us hungry! LOL
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