Thursday 27 April 2017

Kedai Kopi Ban Leong Ean 万隆轩茶室 @ Lebuh Armenian, Penang.

Restaurant that we reviewed:

Kedai Kopi Ban Leong Ean 万隆轩茶室
Address: 59 Lebuh Armenian, Penang.

Food that we savour:

Curry Mee
For those who cannot take too spicy food, you can give this curry me a try. It's not too spicy for me. The curry soup base is very tasty with the addition of the chilies paste makes it more flavourable. Generous amount of fresh cockles, cuttlefish and fried tao pok.

Hokkien Mee
Actually we came for the hokkien mee and was surprise to see they do serve curry mee as well. Well, I have the try of the hokkien mee soup base which tastes very flavourable and has a nice prawn aroma. Overall, it's a nice place to have breakfast.

Monday 17 April 2017

Nam Seng Coffee Shop @ Hutton Lane, Penang.

When talking about the wantan mee at Nam Seng Coffee shop, it reminds me with their sui kow and wantan. 
While writing this blog at this hour, I really hope that I can savour it right now. 

Restaurant that we reviewed:

Nam Seng Coffee Shop @ Hutton Lane, Penang.
Address: No. 124 Jalan Hutton Lane, Georgetown 10050, Penang, Malaysia.

Food that we savour:

Wantan Mee
The wantan noodle is perfectly cook. I just love the texture of the noodles. Springy textures.

Sui Kow (Dumplings)
I kinda fell in love with the Sui Kow very much. The fillings of the Sui Kow is really tasty. There are 4 pieces of Sui Kow in a bowl. They have quite generous in their filling. You can taste the combination of prawn and meat in there. 
The Sui Kow is very big though. If not mistaken it cost RM6 for this.
Pan Mee
At this coffee shop, they also sell pan mee. But I still prefer the Sui Kow the most.

FoOd PaRaDiSe verdict:

Apart from the wantan mee, Sui Kow and pan mee stall. It is also very popular for chicken rice but they would be for lunch hour. As we dine in mostly for the breakfast therefore I will not elaborate more about the chicken rice in this post. 
Overall, I would recommend to try for the Sui Kow (dumpling) if you are Sui Kow lover.

Friday 31 March 2017

Chen Kee Chicken Rice @ Jalan Krokop Utama, Miri.

Thinking of what should we savour next for lunch. Then one of us suggest to have chicken rice. 
One funny thing about my princess is that she does not like hicken rice. She always opt for plain rice if the stall has it. If she got no choice, she will just savour the chicken rice as she claimed that it is very oily for her liking.
For my hubby, Pak Cham Kai is his favourite. For me, I have the phobia as when my parents are busy with business during my secondary school days, we will just take away "Hainamese Chicken Rice". 

Food that we savour:

Chicken (Pak Chiam Kai) 
Hubby reckon that the chicken is very tender and smooth. 
Chicken Rice 
Steam Tofu - RM5
I would say that the tofu is indeed very smooth and silky.
Herbal Soup - RM6
There are different type of soups. But they only left the ginseng chicken soup. The aroma of the soup is very strong, however the taste of the ginseng is just alright.

FoOd PaRaDiSe verdict:

Overall, food is consider average to us. But if you would like to give this place a try, you have to be earlier to avoid some if the food sold off especially during lunch hour. The total bill is RM51.50. (Including drinks)

Restaurant that we reviewed:

Chen Kee Cafe
Lot 2122 Krokop Lorong 10, 98000 Miri, Sarawak.

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