Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Thirty Two Mansion @ Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang

First of all, I would like to wish every reader, friend and family, “Happy Valentine’s Day”. I think by now, you should already make up plans to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I just browsed through my picture folder and wonder what should I blog next? Then I came to the folder of Thirty Two Mansion. So I decided to blog about this today.
It’s our annual lunch for my company. And we came out with lots of suggestions. But at the end many vote for executive set lunch @
Thirty Two Mansion
32, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050, Penang
Tel : 604-2622232
Email : 32mansion@gmail.com
I never been to Thirty Two Mansion before, but I heard and saw many reviews about this place. And it’s indeed has a nice and cozy environment.
Interior of Thirty Two Mansion
Table settings
For the start of the day, we start with the warm bun
Cold butter
Next…… we had the soup of the day
The soup was nice. Not too rich or too blunt. Just perfect for the start of our lunch.
Follow by the choice of the main course:
Braised whole lamb shank with parsley spaghetti
I get to try some of the foods from my colleague as we share among each other. This is one of my favorite among others. The lamb shank is very soft and tender. I would recommend this for you to try if you love lamb shank.

Panseared salmon filet with honey & ginger, pickled cucumber and ponzu butter
The salmon is nice. I love the outer part of the salmon. As it is slightly pan grilled. And the amount of the fish is just perfect. Love the way their mashed potatoes and pickled cucumber were prepared. It blends so well with the dish.

Chicken & Mushroom pie (min 20mins wait)
Vienna blackpepper chicken bratwurst with sauté onion & rosemary sauce
Vegetarian spaghetti “aglio olio” (spicy or non-spicy)
Side Dish
6 spice marinated bbq chicken with buttered rice
Poached roulade of chicken with tiger prawn stuffing, gorgonzola sauce

This dish is very special. The tiger prawn is wrapped inside poached chicken. It goes well with the sauce prepared. However, some parts of the chicken are a bit hard. If it can be tender it would be superb.
Dessert of the day
This is our dessert of the day and follows with either tea or coffee.
Overall, Thirty Two Mansion is a nice place for catch up with friends or any business dealing. Love their cozy environment and also their superb service to us.
Following were the executive set lunch offer by Thirty Two Mansion at the moment:

Executive set lunch
soup of the day or mesclun salad with spicy lemongrass vinaigrette
e { f
choice of mains

rm 30

6 spice marinated bbq chicken with buttered rice
chargrilled rosemary chicken with blackpepper sauce
char-grilled lamb chops with rosemary sauce
crab laksa lemak
vietnamese “pho” beef noodles soup
vegetarian spaghetti “aglio olio” (spicy or non-spicy)
vegetarian spaghetti ‘arabiatta’ (spicy or non-spicy)
beef casserole in pot pie (min 20mins wait)
lasagne “al forno” (min 20mins wait)

rm 34

chicken & mushroom pie (min 20mins wait)
tagliatelle with smoked duck, cream & basil
vienna blackpepper chicken bratwurst with sauté onion & rosemary sauce
baked filet of fish with pesto (min 20mins wait)
moroccan lamb sausage with light curry cream sauce
fish & chips

rm 40

panseared salmon filet with honey & ginger, pickled cucumber and ponzu butter
braised whole lamb shank with parsley spaghetti
poached roulade of chicken with tiger prawn stuffing, gorgonzola sauce
brochette of marinated chicken & peppers, mushroom sauce

rm 45

crispy cod stack with olive & capers salsa
duck confit with glazed apples & rosemary infused jus
rolled lamb loin with glazed apple, mango chutney sauce
nz sirloin with crispy garlic flakes, black pepper sauce & wasabi shoyu dip
e { f
dessert of the day
e { f
coffee or tea
(prices quoted are subject to 10% service charge & relevant government tax)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Have you decide where to bring your loves one for this coming Valentine's Day Celebration?

Valentine’s day just around the corner. Have you make any plan for this special day? Well, if you have not decides where to celebrate, perhaps I can give you some suggestion that I received from my inbox a week ago.

You can choose to dine in SIGI’s Bar and Grill on the beach @ Golden Sands Resort:

1. 6 course romantic set dinner which includes a glass of sparkling wine

PRICE: 129++ per person

2. Private Cabana Dinner on the beach:

- You will have your private cabana on the beach

- 6 course set dinner with personalized butler service

- a bottle of Dom Pérignon

- a hand bouquet for the lady

- 1 night stay in Executive Suite Room with breakfast on bed for two persons

* Limited to one couple per day*

PRICE: RM2, 000++ per couple

From 13th to 17th Feb 2012, Time: 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Furthermore, FREE 15 minutes SEGWAY FUN RIDE for first six couples who dine @ SIGI’s Bar and Grill on the beach for Valentine’s set dinner. Terms and conditions apply.

If you are interested, give them a call to place your reservation 04 – 8861852.


Or you can choose to dine in Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa:

1. Feringgi Grill Valentine’s Set Dinner

- Candlelight set dinner for two.

- Menu prepared by Chef David Pooley: quail ravioli, elements of lobsters, beef tenderloin or roasted snapper, lavender granita, poppy sherbet cones and macaroons.

Time: 6:30pm to 10:30pm

PRICE: RM298++ per person inclusive of special gift

2. Spice Markey Café Valentine’s Day Buffet

Time: 6:30pm to 10:30pm

PRICE: RM198++ (Adult); RM99++ (CHILD)

3. Pinang Restaurant & Bar Candlelight Dinner by the beach

Time: 6:30pm to 10:30pm

PRICE: RM158++ per person

If you are interested, give them a call to place your reservation 04 – 8888788.


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ginger Potatoes (姜薯)

I have been wanted to share the “Ginger Potatoes” (姜薯) in my blog for many years already but I always forgot to blog about this. Have you ever try Ginger Potatoes before? Or did you know about ginger potatoes? Well, probably if you are from China or you are Teochew, perhaps you would know about ginger potatoes even more detail than me.

I only know about ginger potatoes when I visited my hubby hometown during our courtship. That day was the day that they were preparing for the “tang yuen” for the winter solstice festival. And I found out the ginger potatoes are used by them to cook it with the tang yuen.

I try to peel it for the first time many years back. And when I peeled it was sticky and slippery and I had to hold it tightl Furthermore, it is small in size as well. The textures are similar to Wild Yam/Huai Shan(淮山/山藥) . In fact they belong to the same family.

Step by step of peeling ginger potatoes:
1. Wash off the dirt that attached with the ginger potatoes.
2. Start peeling off the skin of ginger potatoes. Immediately after you peeled, you have to immerse the ginger potatoes into a bowl of water.

3. After finished peeling all the ginger potatoes, then you shredded it.

4. After shredded the ginger potatoes, immerse back into bowl of water again.

5. Wash it before you cooked. Once you see the ginger potatoes curled slightly, removed from heat. Usually my MIL loves to cook it with big pearl sago and mix together.

Big Pearl Sago with red colouring
I love to mix it with ginkgo sometimes and sometimes I will mix the all three together (ginger potatoes, big pearl sago and ginkgo). When the weather is hot, I will fridge it and served it cold after few hours.
I just realized that the ginger potatoes have so many advantages in term of health aspects. It helps to promote blood circulation, anti – aging, good for kidney, stomach, liver, spleen, intestines and etc…….

So have you tried this before? There are many others way to prepare ginger potatoes and I am looking forward to visit China and try their preparation of using ginger potatoes in their local delicacies.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Happy Chap Goh Meh 2012

First of all, I would like to wish everybody “Happy Chap Goh Meh”. This year “Chap Goh Meh falls on the public holiday for school in Penang. So some might took this opportunity to celebrate Chap Goh Meh with families back in their home town. Whereas for me, since my gal has tuition, so we decided to stay put in Penang. ^.^

Following were our steamboat dinner @ home during CNY. So enjoy your Chap Goh Meh!


Desserts ~ Home Cooked Yam by my MIL

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Maple Palace @ Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, Penang.

On the 6th day of CNY, we invited our VIP for lunch. This year we chose to dine in

Maple Palace Sdn Bhd

47 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah

10500 Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: 04 – 2279690

We placed our booking 2 days beforehand. And we were surprised that we had a room for ourselves. We were satisfied with the services provided for us. We had a waitress always by our side to serve us.

Following were the 8 course meals that we had for our lunch:


Prosperity Salmon Yee Sang

I am not very keen of having yee sang. But yee sang is a very popular dishes during CNY. And my gal is having fun when everyone mixed yee sang together.


Braised Shark's Fin with Dried Scallop and Crab Meat


Braised Duck with Chinese Herbs and Yam

The waitress told me that this is one of their popular dishes in the restaurant. The braised duck is very tender and juicy. My gal loves it very much.


Auspicious Abalone Sea Food Treasure Phoon Choy

When this dish being served, everyone puzzled and wonder whether we can finish all the foods. This phoon choy is different from the normal phoon choy. As in this phoon choy, there is no fatty pork. It is more towards seafood.

Inside the Phoon Choy, it consists of prawn, fish maw, sea cucumber, scallop, mushroom, abalone, vegetables, yam and radish. I like the radish very much. It has the sweetness and the radish is not very soft.


Steamed Garoupa with "Pu-Ning" Soya Bean Sauce

My MIL loves the “Pu-Ning” bean sauce. It has the combination of spiciness, saltiness and sweetness. The steamed garoupa is very fresh. Everyone enjoyed the freshness of the fish. Even my gal loves it very much. She kept telling us that the fish is very nice.


Maple Palace Specialty Baked Scallop w/ Cheese and Emiko Salad Prawn

We love the emiko salad prawn very much. As for the baked scallop with cheese, most of the elderly cannot take it. It is because of the cheese aroma. They cannot take it but they enjoyed the salad prawn very much.


Fried-rice with Diced Preserved Meat and Pumpkin Yam

This is the last two dishes being served. Everyone thought that we will not able to finish it since it is fried rice. But the elderly likes it very much. As inside the fried rice there are diced preserved meat, pumpkin and yam. But I found that the fried rice is a bit too salty for my liking.


Sweetened Longan with Gingko Nuts and Wai San

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Restaurant Ta San Wan @ Taman Intan, Sungai Petani, Kedah

Last year has been a very hectic years for me. So I don’t have much time to blog. This year I tried to sort out sometime for myself and continue blogging. I have tons of foods to share but am thinking which one should I start? Perhaps I shall start with my Chinese New Year (CNY) reunion dinner.

This year my MIL suggested that she had our reunion dinner in a restaurant. As every one of us were so busy. I left Penang around 5pm to rush back to hubby home town for the reunion dinner. There are two sessions for the dinner i.e. 6pm and 8pm. We opt for the 6pm session.

Vividly before CNY, we tried the restaurant foods before. This restaurant is more like “Chu Char” style. We tried few dishes for lunch as following:

Stir Fry Sweet Potatoes Leaf

Guinness Stout Chicken

I heard from my MIL and also hubby aunt that their Guinness stout chicken was superb. Well….. it tastes nice but my gal was reluctant to take it after the first bites. I guess she cannot take the Guinness Stout aroma. The chicken is very tender and juicy. And if you liked the styles that the chicken were not deep fried too dry, you may want to try this out.

Deep Fried Fish with Soya Sauce

This is the first time that they ordered this fish. The outer part of the fish tastes very crunchy. The inner part is very delicious. Not too hard or too soft. Just perfect! However the fish slice is very rich. Sure kids would love this.

Thai Styles Bean curd with Salted Fish

I found that this bean curd is good to go with rice. It has a combination of saltiness and spiciness. My hubby families love this dish very much. Although it is very simple dishes but sometime it works out to be the best.

Following were the 8 course meals that we had for our reunion dinner:

Four Seasons Hot Plate

This is the first dish that we had for the reunion dinner. It consists of handmade fish meats, cuttlefish with special sauce, Chicken with mayonnaise and black pepper meats. Overall……. It’s something different as I never try the hot plates that consist of blanch cuttlefish with special sauce.

Crab Meat Shark Fin Soup

Fu Gui Kampung Chicken

The chicken is tender and soft. It is full of Chinese herbs. However I feel that the chicken should not wrap with the wrapping film. I would prefer that they use other source to wrap the chicken.

Indonesian Styles Prawn with Mantou

We like the sauces used for this dish. Adults are hard to get on hold of any mantou as most of the mantou are fully booked by the kids. For some who cannot take any spicy foods found that the foods are bit spicy for them.

Steam Red Snapper with Teo Chew Styles

Braised Seafood

The braised seafood is quite nice. It is very tender. Kids love it very much. Braised seafood consists of fish maw, sea cucumber, squids, mushroom, carrots and slice abalone.


The name of the dishes is nice but however we felt that it is very salty. Apart from the ham, fatty pork, slices abalone, there were some carrots, twisted tang hoon and button mushroom.

Desserts ~ Gingko, White Fungus, Dry Longan and Red Dates

It’s never too late to wish everyone “Happy Chinese New Year 2012”.

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