Monday, 31 March 2008

Pearl Cafe

Location: Greenlane, Penang
Western Breakfast
This western food is from Cheah's Western Barb"Q" Corner.
My gal had this and is quite good. Not too oily.

Ark Tui Mee Sua
This Mee Sua cook with herbs and duck. I like it. But I think if people don't like chinese herbs, then this might not be your choice.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Seafood Cafe

Location: Stampin, Kuching

Mei Chai Stewed Pork
It taste great!!!!

Sea Cucumber Soup
This soup is not up to my expectation. Hhahahaaa...... No taste at all.

Stir Fry French Beans with Chicken Mince and Mushroom

Mani Chai with Eggs
My favourite dishes.........

Crispy Sarawak "O" Chien
Thomas favourite "O" Chien. Sarawak Style "O" Chien is crispy. Yummy.......

Food Court

Location: Opposite 4th Mile Everise
Braised Pork with Eggs
Yam Rice
Kolo Mee
This stall kolo mee does not taste good.
Chicken Rice
Char Siew Rice

Good Taste Cafe

Location: Lorong Goh Meng Teck, Kuching
Ah Yew Laksa
Sarawak Laksa
I miss sarawak laksa. Each time I go back I will always ate the laksa.
Yong Tao Hu
Fried Dumpling
Nancy order this and it taste not bad.

Friday, 28 March 2008

Petanak Central Market

Lcoation: Kuching, Sarawak
Kopi Peng in Sarawak
The Kopi Peng in Sarawak is not very thick compare to Penang. I like the Sarawak one better. Hahhaaaaa......
Oh Kuih
This stall oh kuih is not very nice. I like the stall selling kuih outside 4th mile Everise one.
Goh Hiang
This uncle goh hiang got vinegar inside. So it taste a bit sour. This uncle fry it b4 he serve us.
Salted Vegetables
Chai Poh with Egg
Although it is a very normal dish but the uncle put many chai poh inside. So it got nice aroma.
KaCaMa Chicken
I always order this dish when I visited this stall. It is not the best in town but Don't know why I will always order it. Hahhaaaa........ (It is chicken cooks with one type of herbs and chinese wine)

Braised Chicken Gilbret
Hot Porridge
Overall, the food is normal but we tend to go there as the central market open late at night. Usually if we want to have things to eat after 11pm then we will come here for porridge. Another reason because my dad loves to visit this stall and the uncle is very friendly.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Fish Head Noodles Soup

Location: Green Lane, Penang
Prawn Bee Hoon Soup
Fish Fillet Bee Hoon Soup
It is quite popular in green lane. But you have to wait for quite sometime as too many customers. Overall, their soup is a bit mild. If you cannot take mild soup then this is not your choice. :P

One Corner Cafe

Location: Jalan Larut, Penang (Directly behind Penang Plaza)

Bee Chai Bak Thn'g
Hubby say is quite nice.

French Toast
Not too bad. Even serve you with Kaya.

Wantan Mee
My gal had this and she say is nice. She finished it.

Lor Mee
This lor mee is quite nice and cheap too. It's only $2.70 but many ingredients.

Saturday, 22 March 2008

The Loaf

Open: Monday ~ Sunday 8:00am ~ 11:00pm
TEL: +604-959-4866 FAX: +604-959-4803
Spaghetti alla Puttanesca with Seafood
Ripe tomatoes with chili, anchovie, and sprinkled with parsley
Gal and hubby had this and they say is excellent.

Langkawi Lagoon Resort Cafe

Location: Langkawi Lagoon Resort
Buffet Breakfast
Nasi Lemak with baked beans, grilled tomatoes, boiled egg and cucumber.
Fried noodles with sambal egg, peanuts, grilled tomatoes and baked beans
Toast with butter, fried noodles, chicken sausage and steamed red bean pau
Roti Jala with curry and pancake with honey
Chocolate Chips Muffin and Papaya
Overall, they have many wide selection of foods and drinks. And the fried noodles is excellent!!!!

Friday, 21 March 2008

Tang Lung Live Seafood Restaurant

Location: Pantai Cenang, Langkawi
Opening: 12 noon to 2.30pm
6pm to 11pm
Interior of the restaurant

Baked Crab
Not bad but not the best that I have tested.
Stir fry vegetables

Combination of seafood pot
Horlick Prawn
Never try horlick prawn b4. Basically it is done the same way as nestum prawn. Taste not bad.
Overall the food is quite delicious.

Langkawi Wildlife Park Cafeteria

Location: Langkawi Wildlife Park

Nasi Pattaya

Nasi Goreng Ayam
Their food taste wonderful or may be we are too hungry. Hahahaaa...... Great!!!!

Surfer's Paradise Lobby Lounge

Location: Langkasuka Beach resort
Kuala Muda, Padang Matsirat, 07100 Langkawi, Kedah.
Tel: 604 -9556888
Western Buffet Breakfast serve by the hotel. We upgrade to western buffet which cost us $4.50 each. They did not charge gal.
Some of the foods we ate:
My breakfast
They also serve cereals, fruits, toast bread..............
Conclusion: We don't really like the food that they serve.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Roo Tian Seafood Restaurant

Location: Langkawi

Stir Fry Hong Kong Kailan with garlic
The kailan is very young. Very nice......

Steam Fish Ball (Restaurant Specialty)
This is the restaurant specialty. We never try b4 steam fish ball. It is very nice, not salty at all.
Marmite Chicken
The sauce is not bad but the chicken is over fried. A bit hard!!!!!
Steam Cod Fish
Very rich of omega.......... not bad.......
Overall the food is quite nice and not salty at all.
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