Sunday, 30 November 2008

Eighteen Wine & Dine

Location: Block 303-G-21,
Krystal Point
Tel: 04 - 646 6418
Since I'm been busy with the house works, I decided not to cook and choose to eat out. lol Hubby suggests that we go for dinner at Eighteen at Krystal point. Since it has been long time that we did not visit this place, we decided to give it a try. They just renovated the place few months ago. And now the place look brighter compare to b4.
Eighteen Wine & Dine
Interior of Eighteen

Hot Chocolate

Milk for hot chocolate


Kiwi Juice

Scallop Special Linguine
This is our (My gal and I) order. Since we are not so hungry, we decided to share. And the linguine cooked to the way we like. (Not too soft and and not too hard, just perfect) The sauce is a bit too sour. I think they use fresh tomatoes to do the sauce. There are lots of scallops in the dish.

Sauce for baked trout
Baked Trout
Hubby opts for baked trout. lol I think he missed the rainbow trout in MELB. The trout is weight around 200gm only. And the baked trout took quite a long time to be served. Actually both my gal and I had finished our linguine and about to start our desserts, this baked trout only arrived. lol Poor hubby........
When he opened the baking paper, it has a very strong trout aroma....... and you need to put some sauces on top of the baked trout. Hubby let me savour his long waited trout....... lol and it tastes not bad. And it is very fresh.
Hubby comments that it tastes nice but too rich....... that's make him full so quickly. lol

Zoom version of baked trout
Side dish for baked trout

Inner of baked trout

Banana Fritters
Hubby opts for banana fritters for desserts. Actually, he wants mango fritters but they run out of mangoes. lol The banana fritters are very crunchy and yet taste very nice. The ice - cream is excellent. If not mistaken, it is MOVENPICK ice-cream. My gal gobbles most of the ice-cream. lol

Chocolate Ice - Cream

Zoom version of banana fritters

This is their special dessert and it is highly recommended by the waitress there. Well..... the tiramisu tastes not bad.

Overall...... their foods are quite nice and the price is reasonable. The environment is very nice and quite. 

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Kedai Kopi Juventus

Location: Anson Road, Penang. (It is located a few shops away from Xin He cafe and next to Loke Pin cafe)
Actually..... we intend to visit the coffe shops opposite the Anson Road wet mearket but it was packed with people. So we left and we went to this coffee shop since the other two coffee shops in that row are not opened yet.
I went to this coffee shop b4 with mum. Basically, they only sell hokkien mee, chicken rice, wantan mee, roti bakar and half boiled eggs.
Half boiled eggs

Roti Bakar
My gal opts for roti bakar and half boiled eggs. But she did not finished it so PS finished it for her and PS comments that she prefers JOO LEONG cafe half boiled egg and roti bakar. lol

Chicken Rice

Roasted Chicken
Hubby and I try their roasted chicken rice. And out of surprise, the chicken tastes very crispy and tender. lol

Loh egg
Overall...... the food of this cafe is not bad.

Friday, 28 November 2008


On the way home, hubby went to HILMEE BURGER to take away the baby burger special to fill his stomach first before we went out for dinner. lol

Baby Burger Special

While waiting for his burger, he spotted there is a new variety of nasi lemak (Cuttlefish), so he bought one packet for me to try.

Outlook of Nasi Lemak SOTONG packing

Nasi lemak cuttlefish
Well..... the taste is basically the same as the other nasi lemak. The difference is just the ingredients. For this cuttlefish nasi lemak, it has one piece of cuttlefish and few sprinkle of peanuts.

The Manhanttan Fish Market

Location: Lot 48 Lower Ground Floor Queensbay Mall,
Persiaran Bayan Indah Bayan Lepas, 11900 Penang.
Tel/Fax: 04-6461620
Anne came for a visit and we decided to have lunch @ Queensbay Mall since it is raining when we want to have our lunch. So after browsing through the shops, we decided to go for.........

The Manhattan FISH MARKET

Hot Chocolate
My gal had this and she comments that she prefers the Paddington House of Pancakes hot chocolate. lol

Manhattan Mocha
Anne and I had this and it tastes not bad. lol

Three different sauces - Tartar Sauce, garlic and chilli

Fisherman's Giant Fried Platter

Deep fried shrimps

Deep fried fish

Deep fried mushroom

Deep fried calamari, mushrooms, chips and garlic rice

Everything in one plate
My gal and Anne love the garlic rice very much. As it has a nice aroma.
Overall..... the food is not bad...... but we cannot finished everything. lol It is too big for 3 of us. lol
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