Sunday, 15 March 2009

Kafe Bali Bali @ Sungai Dua, Penang

During one Saturday, hubby and I went to the following coffee shop to try out their "Dim Sum". Hubby was told by one of the colleagues that the "Dim Sum" tastes nice, so we give it a try!
Kafe Bali Bali
Dim Sum Corner
Their service is some sort the same as Restoran Bali Hai. It is self service. So hubby do the queuing and took whatever dim sum that he wants to try it out.
So following are the dim sum that hubby order:
Jagung Pao
Kai Lan with Oyster Sauce
Pork with special sauce
It is a bit too salty to our liking. However, the pork slice is very tender.
Prawn Pao
Hubby loves this very much.
Chicken Feet
Spare Ribs
Har Kao
Bean curd with shrimp paste topped with scallop
Overall..... their dim sum is not bad.


email2me said...

I thought this is the same restaurant with Bali Hai in Gurney. Cut throat type ... XD

worldwindows said...

Prawn Pau looks original. Its so hard to match the crunchy prawns with soft sticky pastry. Must be very good.

foodbin said...

must try the prawn pau

Anonymous said...

quite creative items like prawn pau and tofu with prawn....

minchow said...

I want that prawn pau so badly! Looks so good!! Was the pau dough soft and appetising?

cariso said...

OK, will go and try one day! :)

Food Paradise said...

email2me - well..... heard that they used to be the same proprietor but for some reason they seperated I think. But not too sure. So far the "dim sum" is reasonably price. ^o^

worldwindows - if you have chance to come across the same type of pau, let me know what you think of the pau? My hubby loves it very much. ^o^

foodbin - yes.... should give it a try when you are in Penang.

Food Paradise said...

Simple Girl - yes... I found the prawn pau creative too.....

550ml jar of faith - The pau dough is soft type. My hubby loves it very much. ^o^

cariso - wait to see your review. ^o^

sakaigirl said...

Hi FP, I go do Bali2 quite frequent, as i can just walk there anytime within 5 min. Yea, u can guess wer i live, its behind Mc.D.. I normally go there for lunch and dinner. The dim sum was ok, but if u want better dim sums, go for Pekaka Square's dim sum.. It never fails me so far..

Food Paradise said...

sakaigirl - wow.... it's really near ah.... any recommendation what to have for lunch and dinner in Bali Bali? Thanks for the dim sum recommendation. It's be quite a long time that I did not went to Pekaka Square's dim sum. Thanks for reminding me. ^o^

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