Thursday, 27 August 2009

Join the "I Love Malaysia" Campaign and win iPhone 3GS

Today, I received an email from my friend to join the "I Love Malaysia" campaign. So I give it a try and hope that I can win something. ^-^ Anyway, the campaign is very easy to join. Just click on the "I LOVE MALAYSIA 52nd Merdeka" logo on my top right hand corner of my blog. Fill in the details and it just took you few seconds to finish it. Then remember to quote my email address which is under Referrers Email.
I would like to wish every one good luck and all the best. And please share with me the good news when you win the contest ok.
In this campaign, you are able to win iPhone 3GS worth RM 2500 each. And that's not all as when you refer someone to join this campaign, and if they win, you as the referrer will also win the exact same prize! Very tempting ya....... Come on, join the fun!
Since Merdeka is just few days away, I would like to wish everyone "Happy Merdeka". And hope everyone have a safe journey home for those going back to their home town this long weekend. ^-^

Hakwer Stall @ Lebuh Presgrave, Penang

The other day, while I am chatting with Alan and we are in the conversation regarding "Tambun Pneah" and he told me that he loves the one that sold in Lebuh Presgrave. Then I recall that there are one shop that selling "Tambun Pneah". This also remind me that I have not blog about the Hokkien Mee that I have savour few months ago.

Hokkien Mee and Lor me Stall @ Lebuh Presgrave, Penang.
One of the main attraction for me to drop by here is the hokkien mee. We have been told by friends and colleagues about this stall long long time ago. But we always missed the opportunity to try it out. So during one weekend, we headed there early for dinner. As we knew there are lots of people there if we went there late. ^-^ When we arrived there, the shops are full of people already and when I passed by the hawker stall, I can smell a very nice aroma of the soup. Can't resist the aroma, each of us order a bowl each to try!

Hokkien Lor Mee
Hubby ordered this for himself. And hubby found that a bit spicy for him even though he had hokkien lor mee.

Hokkien Mee
My gal and I had this and my gal cannot stand the spiciness from the soup base. Mind you she doesn't even add any chillies on her bowl of hokkien mee. We asked her to stop taking it and she told us that she can handle it but after few spoonful, she gave us a surrender flag that she can't take it anymore. Although she find it spicy but she told me she enjoyed it.
As for me, the hokkien mee soup base is very thick and have the fragrant aroma. One thing about this hokkien mee, is the pork spare ribs. It tastes nice. But I prefer it to be more tender. Perhaps I went there too early. ^-^

Wantan Mee
Since my gal surrender her bowl of hokkien mee, she request for a plate of wantan mee. After she having it and I was eager to know, what she think about the wantan mee. Guess what her respond to me? Err..... not bad.... but not the best.
"OMG now she started to give comments some more. lol"
I saw everyone is ordering cendol. So I asked hubby to order one for me to try. My gal and I are aiming for the ice-cream. ^-^ As this is one of the good thing to have after having spicy foods. So we treat that is our desserts for the day. And we leave Lebuh Presgrave with a very "FULL" tummy.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Would you like to have some "halal" foods with your Malay colleagues and friends? Whenever we have some Malay friends/colleagues, we always have some difficulty when choosing a venue as we have to choose place that is "Halal". And recently, I found a shop that is certified "Halal" in this restaurant which serve Chinese/Vietnamese and Thai Cuisine.
During our visit to Song Yen Seafood, we spotted this newly opened restaurant ~
Location: No. 8-10 Lebuh Nipah 5, 11900, Penang.
Tel: 04 - 6455368
It is located at the back row of Hai Nan Homecook Chinese Restaurant.
We are the first customer for the dinner session and we were directed to our seats. Then came the menu. They have quite lots of things to order from the menu. But since this is our first time there, we stick to some of the ordinary orders and some recommendation by the restaurant.
End up we ordered:
Bamboo Prawns ~ RM15
As we were told that this is one of the special dishes. The bamboo prawns tasted fresh and tasty and the sauces are not very spicy but my gal found it a bit too spicy for her though. So I ate most of the prawns by myself. ^-^
Kerabu Chicken ~ RM10
Actually hubby wants to try the kerabu fish but i insisted that he ordered the kerabu chicken as my gal would like to have some chicken. The chicken is deep fried and garnish with kerabu and sauce. The kerabu chicken is pretty normal that you can find in many places. And since hubby don't take deep fried foods so often, so my gal and I finished most by ourselves.
Stir fry french beans ~ RM8
Hubby and my gal love this dish very much. Perhaps this is also the first dishes being served, and they ate most of them but they reckon some part of the stir fry french beans is salty. But it is ok to go with rice.
Claypot Seafood Delight ~ RM25
This is hubby order as he would like to try out their claypot seafood delight. But this turn out to be a bit disappointment for us. As it is too watery. It is more like a soup. ^-^ Hubby comments that it is a bit blunt. But we scoop all the ingredients out and finished it and left all the soup behind. lol
Overall, their services are good, very attentive and also the environment is bright, clean and air conditioned. We did not try out the desserts since we were full with all the order but will go back next time to try them out. Our total bills are RM68.70 (including 3 plates of rice and 2 drinks)
You can check out 忻忻妈咪 blog for this restaurant review.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Kopitiam Good Corner @ Jalan Mas, Green Lane, Penang

During our visit to Green Lane, we saw a banner indicate there is a new food court in Jalan Mas. So we decided to check it out during one weekday for dinner. We were lucky to find a seat for ourselves as it is full. I guess it's new so there are lots of people patronise the coffee shop. The new shop is call
Kopitiam Good Corner
There are lots of hawker stalls in there for you to choose and during our visits, we ordered:
Wantan Mee
This is my gal ordered and she told me that the wantan noodles are nice and she enjoyed her plate of wantan mee.
Tom Yam Chicken Satay and Chicken Satay
Hubby went to satay stalls and order some chicken to try. I was busy capturing other food photos and hubby starts to dig in. And after his first bite, he was disappointed. Then he try tom yam chicken flavours and also have the same expression. Then he asked me to try it myself. Both types of satay are marinate with kunyit I think. So actually, you cannot differentiate between them. They are more and less the same. Although the satay is very tender but it lost it's ommph. Off course this is just base on our own personal tastes bud. As some might like the way it is done. ^-^
Satay Sauce
Chee Cheong Fun
Hubby orders another plate of CCF as he still feels hungry after his spaghetti. I managed to try some of the CCF and overall, it's not bad but we feel that it is a bit salty for our liking.
Hubby went around and saw a western food stall selling spaghetti. So he went and order spaghetti for himself. The outlook of the spaghetti is ok. And dash with lots of parmesan cheese. Well, my gal told me that she can smell that cheese from a far distance. (As my gal don't like parmesan cheese aroma) Hubby asked me to have a try. And I try it and I don't like the spaghetti that they used. I am not sure what brand of spaghetti that they used. I don't really like the textures.
Mee Goreng
This is my order. When we were looking around for seat, I already spotted this mee goreng stall and I saw some of the customers was having it. After browse through the food court, I decided to ordered this. The mee goreng is very tasty and the noodles still maintain it's springy textures. I don't like soft noodles textures. Although this is not the best mee goreng you can find in Penang but it is the best order for the night. I let hubby tries some of my mee goreng and he agreed with me that I have the best ordered. ^-^
There are still lot of stalls to try. And the nasi kandar seems serve delicious foods too!

Friday, 21 August 2009

Chu Char @ Yi Garden Cafe, Macalister Road, Penang

We dine in Yi Garden Cafe several times but we never try the chu char before. So we decided to give the chu char stall a try!!!
Seafood Stall
The lady boss from the stall took hubby's order and some are the recommendations by the owner. But we did not order their specialties. Which she claimed that their crab is their signature dish and since before that we had been eating sea foods for the past weeks, we decided to give it a pass this time round and order some simple dishes as following:
Teo Chew Steam Promfret
The Teo Chew steam is not bad. But also nothing to shout about as it is quite a normal dishes that you can find in many places. And the Teo Chew steam is more towards sourness. If you love sourness in your steam fish, then you can give this a try. The fish is fresh and nice.
This claimed to be one of their signature dishes. And the prawn tastes alright but it is pity that there are only few prawns in this plate. lol
Stir fry lady fingers with garlic
Stir fry shell
I don't know since when that my gal start to enjoy clams, lala......... As long as there are such foods being served on the tables, she will request that she wants some. And this stir fry shell is very tasty and delicious. My gal ate lots of this and I only able to have few pieces. Poor mummy ya. lol

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Restoran Bai Xiang Ting @ Krystal Point, Penang

Lately, there are lots of new restaurants open up in Bayan Lepas area and today I am going to blog about this new shop barely open less than 2 weeks ago. We went there over last weekend to try out their foods. Hubby wants to try this shop since the opening day but I am worried of big crowd in there as during their opening promotion, I saw lots of people in there. As their promotions are very attractive with HK style roasted chicken with rice for only RM0.99 per plate (only for 3 days and also with their term and condition)

Restoran Bai Xiang Ting

Location: 1-1-10 Krystal Point Corporate Park,

Jalan Tun Dr. Awang, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang.

Tel: 012-4012316 (Alex Quah)

Business Hour: 11.30am - 2.30pm, 6.00pm to 9.00pm (Closed on Wednesday)

Hubby let me to do the ordering for that night and I told hubby if you asked me to order, I will order everything. lol After we were seated, the lady boss came and take our order. I asked her what is the special and she told me got roasted duck, roasted chicken, char siew, roast pork, poached chicken.........

Then I told her I want everything each. lol Then the lady boss told me that the roast duck have to order at least 1/4 duck. Then I say ok.... sure no problem..... then she asked me you want Roast Chicken and also Poached Chicken (Pak Cham Kai)? Then I told yes.... since my hubby like Pak cham Kai so much. lol

Roast Duck

The outer part of the roast duck is crispy and some of the duck meat is tender. But I personally prefer the Wah Seng Roast Duck in Sungai Bakap, Jawi. ^-^

This is the sauce that goes with the Roast Duck.

Combo 4 - Roast Pork, Char Siew, Roast Chicken and Pak Cham Kai.

Close up of Pak Cham Kai

Close up of Roast Chicken

Close up of Roast Pork
Kai Lan
Their kai lan is blanch and top with oyster sauce and lots of pepper.
Soup - Chai Boay (sorry for the blur photos ^-^)
That's what we order for our dinner. For the environment vice, it is very comfortable with air condition and very clean.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Road Side Hakwer Stall in front of Honda @ Jalan Sungai Pinang, Penang

We have been wanted to patronise the hawker stall in front of Honda at Sungai Pinang for a long time. And finally we make our way there without my gal as she is schooling. We learned from our friends that there are always pack with people most of the time. So we choose to go during weekday. But the verdict is still full of people. But we managed to get a seat. ^-^
The only things in my mind is to try the mee sua as it is very popular in this place. So the first things hubby went to order is
Duck Drumstick Mee Sua
When the Mee Sua arrived, both hubby and I both reckon that the mee sua must be very soft judge by the look. As we don't really enjoy the noodles textures being over cooked. So as usual, captured some photo of the foods and hubby starts to dig in. And he told me that the mee sua textures is ok.
This bowl of duck drumstick mee sua is mine as hubby had the pork spare ribs and stomach mee sua. My bowl of mee sua tastes nice and the textures of the mee sua suits my taste buds. Once we parked our car nearby the stall, we already smell the herbal aroma came from this stall. And the soup base are full of herbal aroma and the duck drumstick is very tender.
The herbal uses for the soup base such as dang gui, wolfberries, dried mandarin peel and....... (p/s note: It has a very strong herbal aroma!!!!)

Pork Spare Ribs and Stomach Mee Sua
This is hubby ordered. And hubby loves it very much. But the spare ribs is not very tender compares to the duck drumstick. ^-^ At first hubby thought that the soup base for both mee sua are the same. After I tried hubby soup base, I told hubby that I prefer mine. Then hubby tastes some of the duck drumstick and he agrees with me. Hooray! I make another better choice than him again!!!! lol
We were sitting in front of this moving around motor bike selling chai koay and or koay. And hubby saw the wording " A TRY WILL CONVINCE YOU". Ah..... he was thinking why not give it a try! So he ordered some chai koay and "oh" kuih from the uncle as following:
Chai Koay and "oh" kuih
2 different chai koay
Look at the skin of the chai koay. It looks nice right? Well, both the chai koay taste nice.
"Oh Kuih" (Yam)
I am very particular with "oh kuih" as most of the place you get you cannot get the textured of the yam. And nowadays, most of the people nicely blend it. But I still prefer my "oh kuih" have some cube yam in there. And this stall "oh kuih" have few yam cube in there. The tastes vice is not bad.
Nasi Lemak
After hubby finished his breakfast, he is waiting for me as I still take my own sweet time to enjoy my breakfast. He looked around and he spotted the nasi lemak stall and he told me he went there and check it out. When he returned, he came back with a plate of nasi lemak. lol
But he make a good move though. As if he did not check it out this stall, we will not savour this nice aroma and tasty nasi lemak. The sambal uses were so tasty and the rice has a great aroma that hubby thought of "take away" for our gal. But after much discussion, we did not bought her that as we worried by the time she come home from school, the nasi lemak might be spoilt.
After school, hubby told her that we went to have a nice aroma and did not take away for her as we scare that it spoilt and she kept complaining that we always go to have some nice foods while she is busy schooling. lol We promised her to bring her there to try one day.
Business Hour: 8am - 1pm (Closed on alternate Sunday)
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