Monday, 28 September 2009

Tanjong Tokong Food Court, Tanjung Toking, Penang

Gosh... it's more than a week that I did not update my blog. Being too busy lately. Anyway, I tell my self I shouldn't neglect this blog for too long. So I decided to blog something that I tried in Tanjong Tokong Food Court.
We came to know this food court when we travelling from Tanjung Bungah. Spotted this food court and decided to give it a try when we are in that area. It is quite a huge food court and with lots of varieties there. But since only 3 of us, we cannot ordered too much. So for the night we tried:
Century Egg Porridge
I feel like having some porridge that night. So hubby ordered century egg porridge for me. With the combination of century egg and salted eggs, chinese yu tiao, spring onion, deep fried shallots and dash of pepper. It is such a comfort food for me. It tastes nice.
Deep Fried Tofu
Bak Kut Teh
Hubby saw a stall selling bak kut teh and decide to order bak kut teh without any rice. Since it is a rainy night on our visit, this soup is really a wonderful things to have. To warm ourselves from the rainy spell. As for the soup base, it is a bit darker but tastes nice. Have lots of herbal aroma in there.
Fried Rice
My gal opt for fried rice. And she told me that the fried rice is nice.
Fried Tang Hoon
Hubby looking around and saw this fried tang hoon stall and decided to get one for himself. And his verdict is not too bad.
Overall, we found that the foods served in this food court are nice. And we will be going back to try out other stuff when we are around that area again.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Duck King @ Macalister Road, Penang

During one weekend outing. We were so hungry and did not know what to eat. So hubby suggested we go around the town area and have a look. Then hubby spotted this shop. So hubby asked us whether we would like to try it out. And my gal replied that she want some rice. So we decided to give it a try!
Duck King
Closed up shot of Duck King
Chopped Garlic with vinegar
Blended Chillies and garlic
Hubby comments that the blended chillies have a weird weird tastes. ^-^
Combination of duck meats, boneless chickens and cucumbers
The boneless chicken is not bad. And it is good for kids and elderly person. As they don't have to extra careful with the bones intact. The boss will help you to get rid of the chicken bones. The chicken is rather tender but not the best that we savour so far. The Chicken still tastes above average. ^-^ My gal loves the boneless chicken.
Closed up of duck meats
Every time when I am having some duck meats, I will recall the duck meats from Wah Seng @ Sungai Bakap, Jawi. But that is far away from Penang. ^-^ Actually not so far but needs some driving distance. ^-^ The duck meats serve in this shop is not too bad. The duck meats are very tender.
White Rice
** Please note that apart from chicken and duck, they also selling some Roast Pork, Char Siew and Pork Trotter. But unfortunately, all the above mentioned came after we foot our bills. ^-^**

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Young Heart Restaurant, Jalan Cantonment, Penang

A few of us are honour to get an invitation from Ms. Ann to try out their Mid Autumn Romantic and Reunion Package. It is for 2 person and 4 persons package. I was invited to Young Heart beginning of this year to try out their Chinese New Year dishes. Which you can view from here.
The interior is quite similar to the past but they add a new private function room upstairs for their customers. You can booked the room for 6 peoples and above. Since I am running a bit late for this review, I did not capture any photos of the room. But thanks to Bee, she share with me the private function room interior photos. Below are some of the rooms photo:

Private Function Room
Ok..... now back to the main point here. Young Heart changes some of the menu about 2 months ago but they still maintain some previous dishes. From the colourful menu, you can see there are lots of new varieties to choose from. I am sure that there are something that will suits your taste buds.

Since Moon Cake Festival is just 2 weeks ++ away, Young Heart came out with the Mid Autumn packages. Which I will elaborate more in the following:
Mid Autumn Romantic Package 中秋情侶套餐 for 2 pax – RM55 nett

Overview of the foods for Mid Autumn Romantic Package
雙雙對對 (蝦仁&芝士炸餃) Deep Fried Prawn & Cheesy Dumplings

Closed up of Deep Fried Prawn
There are lots of ingredients in the deep fried prawn. Be careful when you having this hot deep fried prawn especially the kids. My suggestion is to cut into half and let it cool down a bit for the kids to consume. lol

Closed up of Cheesy Dumplings
As for the cheesy dumplings. It is quite unique. I never try cheesy dumplings before. Thanks to Jason for helping us to hold the cheesy dumplings for our shooting purpose. So you can have a look of the runny cheese flowing out from the dumplings. For the cheese lover, this is one of the dishes you should try it out. It is best to consume while it is hot. ^-^

比翼雙飛 (貼心香炸雞翅) Deep Fried Young Heart Chicken Wing

After the appetiser, next came the deep fried Young Heart Chicken Wing. You can taste the crispiness from the outer part of the chicken wing and tender in the inside. I would recommend that you should take this with rice or noodles as I personally think that it is a bit salty to eat it as a snack.

情深戒指 (翡翠玉環) Steam Pork Stuffed Snake Squash in Egg Sauce

I tried this dish in my last review. And still in love with the snake squash and the quality still maintain the same.

絲絲相扣 (金針菇拌炒西蘭花) Stir Fried Enoki Mushroom with Broccoli

Off course we should have some greens to go with the package to keep every one healthy. I loves this dish, It looks simple right. All the ingredients are cook to perfect timing. So the broccoli and enoki mushroom is not over cooked.

鴛鴦戲水 (酸甜鴛鴦蛋) Ying Yang Stuffed Egg with Sweet & Sour Sauce

The ying yang stuffed egg consists of generous amount of ingredients. The ingredients uses are quite similar with the steam pork stuffed snake squash in egg sauce. I enjoy this dish but beware that there are some coriander leaves in there. As I loves the aroma of the coriander, so makes me loves it a lot. But for those who don't take coriander, something to note down. ^-^

心花怒放 (桂花金瓜露) Golden Osmanthus Pumpkin Pudding
The desserts for both package are golden osmanthus pumpkin pudding. If you loves pumpkin, this would be your choice. The desserts is not sweet at all. Which is good for healthy lifestyle.

Osmanthus dried Flowers and syrup
Thanks to Ms. Ann, we would be able to see the Osmanthus flower. It smells very nice and it is almost the same smell like the green tea. Very refreshing!

公仔饼Home Made Mini Moon cakes

For both Mid Autumn packages, it will comes with home made mini moon cakes hand made by Young Heart. And interestingly, we had "SAMBAL" home made mini moon cakes for the night. Have you tried that before? Well, the interior is dry sambal. As the outer moon cakes is rather soft compares to other hand made mini moon cakes.
You can also order this from Young Heart. So far they have three types of flavour to choose from. They are Sambal(RM5), Lotus Paste (RM4.50) and also Coconut (RM4.50). All are packed in a 0.5kg packaging. You can place the order from 18.09.2009 till 11.10.2009
*Please note that each person will be provided with a serving of either Rice or Handmade Noodle for the package.*

Handmade Noodle
I loves this noodle especially the noodle textures. Once you try it, I think you will fall in loves with it. From the look, it looks quite plain. The noodles just accompany with some hint of sesame and soya sauce. But please try it out yourself then you will know. This is highly recommended for those of you who loves springy textures of noodles.
Next, the package for 4 persons ~
Mid Autumn Reunion Package(中秋團圓套餐) - RM123 nett

Overview of Mid Autumn Reunion Package

貼心滋補靚湯Soup of the Day

We start off by having the soup of the day. And for that night we had Green Papaya Spare Ribs Soup. I fall in love with this soup after the first sip. It is something clear and sweet. It's taste like some winter melon soup. One of us mistaken thought that it is winter melon soup. ^-^ And the spare ribs are very tender. One thing we found out from Ms. Ann is that the soup is cooked using "Charcoal". Yes.... you heard me..... it's charcoal. So give it a try of this soup!

團圓餃子拼盤Reunion Dumpling Platter (5 Flavors - 10 pcs)

There are five different flavours of dumplings served in this package. And two plates of this. The 5 flavors are
1. Fish and Water Chestnut Dumpling
2.Pumpkin and Pork Dumpling
3. Cabbage and Pork Dumpling
4. Spinach and Pork Dumpling
5. Pork, Prawn and Scallop Dumpling (Yellow in colour)
Out of the five dumplings, my personal favourites would be the pork, prawn and scallop dumplings. The ingredients in the dumpling taste very juicy and tender. Others dumpling tastes nice as well as with some vegetables add on it. Which again make healthy balance intake for our body.

龍鳳呈祥(龍須炒雞絲) Stir Fry Chayote Leaves with Shredded Chicken

You must be wonder...... this is stir fry kailan and not chayote leaves. Yes.... you are not wrong. As for the past few days it has been raining and the farmers did not sent the chayote leaves from the mountain. So they have to substitute this dish to stir fry kailan. ^-^

3+1杯雞3+1 Cup Chicken
This is 3 +1 cup chicken. Usually, we will have 3 cup chicken right? And usually we get it in clay pot styles, dark colours and cover with lots of basil right? This is the modified version by Young Heart. They cooked with their own styles. Why the + 1? It's the chili added. For this dish, it would expect to get some chili tastes. If your child cannot take spicy food, then be aware of this. But some kids take very spicy foods but not my gal. ^-^

甜蜜家園 (橙花豬扒) Orange Pork Chop

If your child cannot take spicy foods, this would be a very nice choice for them. Some combination of sweet, sour and salty flavours. I think every one of us enjoy this dish very much. The pork chop is very tender.

家慶有余 (二味鱈魚) Cod Fish Ala Twin
Some people loves steam fish and some loves deep fried fish. So this is the dish that can satisfy both type of taste bud. On my last visit, I have tried the steam cod fish and it still maintain its flavor there. For the deep fried cod fish, it's my first time trying this in this shop. I enjoyed it. As it still maintain so crispy after a long wait for us to shoot the foods. So imagine that.... it still tastes good.

貼心香炸豆腐Deep Fried Young Heart Bean Curd

Tried this in my last visits too. And glad that they still maintain the standard and some of us loves this deep fried Young Heart Bean Curd after since they first tried it. ^-^
For the desserts, it is the same as the Romantic Autumn package. That is 心花怒放 (桂花金瓜露) Golden Osmanthus Pumpkin Pudding and公仔饼Home Made Mini Moon cakes.
**Please be reminded again, each person will be provided with a serving of either Rice or Handmade Noodle for the package.**
As for the desserts, if you like to change the Golden Osmanthus Pumpkin Pudding to 芒果花園Mango Puree & Sago Pudding. You just add on RM1 per bowl.

芒果花園Mango Puree Sago Pudding
As all the lady for the night are Mango fans. We enjoyed the mango puree and sago pudding very much. The rich flavor of mango and the nice combination of sago. Can't have enough of this. ^-^

Apart from the two packages above, we also tried something from the menu. We are glad that we have the chance to try:

三拜海鲜茄子Stir Fried Sambal Seafood with Fried Brinjal ~ RM10 (M) for 2-3pax, RM15 (L) for 4-6 pax
This is best to eat it while it served hot. as the brinjal is deep fried and it tastes very crispy. And with the sambal seafood. It is awesome! I would suggest that you give it a try if you like brinjal.

红油拌麵 - Fiery Hot Noodle
Another dishes to be mentioned here is the fiery hot noodles. Actually, don't be scared of the name of the noodles ~ Fiery Hot. As you can adjust the spicyness yourself. But be warn that we just add a bit of the chilli in the bowl of noodle. And have a look at the photos, it turn slightly red already. Not to mention the tastes. ^-^ I found a bit spicy but still I enjoyed it very much. I would certainly go back for this. The combination ingredients are nice and the noodle used are also hand made noodle.
Ah..... where is the drinks? Well, for that night, we had two types of drink ~

Tea - 普洱茶Pu Er

Natural Flower Tea Mixture - 雙花蘋果茶Rosehip, Hibiscus, Green Apple
Since every one know Pu Er Tea. I am not going to elaborate much. But the Rosehip, Hibiscus, Green Apple ~ RM9 per pot is something that I never try before. How it tastes like? hmm.... a bit sour and also have the hint of green apple tastes. If you worry about sourness, not to worry as it comes with sugar syrup. But each of us having this with the original tastes as we found that it is acceptable for our tastebuds.

I would like to share with my readers that Young Heart have
1. Daily promotions and special such as Tea Time Platter for 2 persons ~ RM19.90
Weekday 3pm - 6pm Only
2. Lunch Special RM8.80 onwards

Weekday 12noon - 2pm Only
3. Rainy Day Special ~ 15% Off
So when it is rainy day, why don't you head to Young Heart to enjoy the discounts! ^-^
Young Heart Restaurant
Location: No. 44A, Jalan Cantonment, 10250 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: 604 - 2288084
H/P: 016-4108098
Business Hours: 12pm -10pm (Closed On Monday)

Map Location
Other attendee for the night are
Lingzie, Allie and Bee

Monday, 14 September 2009

Kedai Kopi Seng Thor @ Lebuh Carnarvon, Penang

I have been waiting for a chance to visit the stalls @ Seng Thor Coffee Shop for quite some time. As I have been reading many food blogs about this place. But since I read some negative reviews about this place. I decided not to bring my gal there. So while my gal goes to school, we head down to this place and give it a try!
Kedai Kopi Seng Thor
The main purpose we visited this shop is to try out their Koay Teo Thn'g. But since it a long wait, hubby decide to order Lor Mee to try it out.
Lor Mee
Well..... the lor mee stall is not busy as the KTT stall. So we just waited for a while and the lor mee is being served in front of us. Hubby comments that the lor me is just so-so but I did not try it out as I am waiting eagerly for the KTT. ^-^
Koay Teow Thn'g
Well..... from the look of the KTT, it looks something like the King Street KTT. But after start digging it, we can know the differences. Perhaps we have too high hope of the outcomes. And it turn out to be just so-so for us. We still prefer the Sin Hoe Peng.
We would like to try other foods stall but too bad that they are not open on the day. ^-^
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