Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Location: Desaria, Penang

This afternoon was too busy with housework so don't have time to cook. So I ask hubby to take away - Singapore Noodles. It taste different from Sarawak but it is nice!

Saturday, 27 October 2007

Kedai Kopi Genting

Location: Lorong Delima, Island Glades, Penang
Address / Direction: Corner shoplot of Lorong Delima 6 and Lorong Delima 3. Opposite the Hamid Khan School Field.
Business Hour: 7.00am to 3pm

Chee Chong Fun
Exterior look of Nasi Lemak.
Interior look of Nasi Lemak.
Hubby took his economy rice photo but i accidentally deleted. hahahaha.....
I recommend that you should try out this Chee chong fun. Their sauce is very special.
Nasi Lemak is not bad. Worth to try! Oh yeah the uncle selling this Nasi Lemak is a Malay but he speak fluent Hokkien or Mandarin. His Nasi Lemak is freshly wrap from his stall. Sometime you have to wait 4 a while and you can even add some other dishes. But i had the normal nasi lemak- ie. Half boiled egg, ikan billis, sambal and rice.

Argyll Road Koay Tiaw Thn'g

They have moved to another place near Jalan Larut.

Been Hoon Thn'g
Bee Chai Bak Thn'g.
Koay Tiaw Thn'g
My gal finished her bee hoon Thn'g today. May be she is too hungry! Or may be she missed this Koay Tiaw Thn'g. She always call the previous cafe as 公鸡面面。As previous cafe they have small rooster walking around the cafe. Thats how we name the old cafe as 公鸡面面. :)

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Dinner @ Home

L: Lotus root, celery and chicken
R: Fry marinate fish with fresh tomatoes
Since Monday we start cooking @ home and my gal have a very good appetite! Yesterday, she ate half of the steam promfet. And today she also eat a lot of fish, fresh tomatoes and celery dish. She eat two bowls of rice today. :)
She suggest me to take photo of the fish. As she say it look nice! hee......

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Take Away dinner from Restaurant Makbul

Location: Jalan Tengah, Penang
It was raining heavily in Penang during dinner time so hubby went to take away for us. Hubby had Tosai and Tosai with Planta, I had Roti Telur and Roti Kosong while my gal had fried rice. Hubby also bought Ayam Bawang (Chicken Onion).
My brother like this restaurant very much. He told me it is the best Nasi Kandar in Penang. So each time he came here, it is a MUST for him to visit MAKBUL. And he always ask me to take away for him when i went back to Sarawak but i never bought him. hahahaha I always told him to come personally.

Tosai with Planta
L to R: Curry, Roti Kosong and Roti Telur

Ayam Bawang

Plus Two Restaurant

Location: Sg. Dua, Penang
Actually we went there to have Western Breakfast but they no longer serve that. They only serve Wantan Mee, Toast Bread with Butter & Kaya and Half Boiled Egg.
So we order the Wantan Mee. When the noodles arrived, i looked @ it and told hubby hmm...... it doesn't look good to me. But when hubby taste it, he told me....... not bad! So...... that's mean " Good look does not mean taste good!" Hahahaha It really taste not bad but........ not the best i reckon. hahahaha We try the dinner b4 several times and they have many nice dishes. I would highly recommend the Marmite Chicken......... (I will take photo if we go there for dinner again next time!)

Saturday, 20 October 2007


My gal and Hubby are hungry after shopping a few shops. So we decide to take our lunch @ FOOD LOFT. It is the 4th floor @ Gurney Plaza. We went around to have a look what they offer @ FOOD LOFT. Then gal decide to take Spagetti Bolognese, Hubby had Shanghai fry seafood Ramien and i decided to take Thai chicken with special sauce. Their service is GOOD! Maintenance is so far so GOOD! Food is not bad. :)
Another piece of information, they offer variety of cuisine such as Italian, Western, Nonya, Shanghai, Vietnamese, Thai and Japanese.
Spagetti Bolognese
Hot Chocolate

Shanghai Fry Seafood Ramien
Orange Juice
Thai Chicken with special sauce - we like the side dish ( Cucumber, tomatoes with garlic, vinegar and basil) Even my gal like it! They put lots of fresh garlic and basil........yum! yum!

View from FOOD LOFT

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Vegetarian sweet and fritters

Vegetarian Soft Sweet
Deep fried potato (Very Crunchy!)
My dinner ( Vegetarian instant noodles with two vegetables bought by Hubby)

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Dinner @ Restaurant 谱提斋, SP

We are having dinner @ vegetarian restaurant. Following are the foods ordered by Uncle Joo:

Photo of cute tea glass ( FOX n PIG)
Fry Spinach

Mix vegetables
Salted fish with beancurd claypot
Fry Mushroom and Kidney
Prawn with assorted vegetables.

Ba Bao Duck
Curry Fish Head
Butter Abalone
Overall, the food is very delicious.

Vegetarian Lunch by Aunty Ngo Moi

Yesterday night i call mum and ask mum to tell Aunty Ngo Mui to cook more fried beancurd for us (Hubby & I) today. So in the early morning, Aunty Ngo Moi and Uncle Joo went to the market and buy 20pcs of beancurd. Swee Luan complaint to me during lunch. She said: " Because of you.......... my mum and dad did not waited for me. They just gave me 2 minutes. By the time i came down from stairs i already saw their car gone! And i have to cook instant noodles to eat @ home!"
Then Uncle Joo say: " Since it is vegetarian week we afraid that the beancurd sold off quickly!"
Hahahahahahaha Swee Luan don't complaint! We only went back once in a long long time! And your mum FRIED BEANCURD is really EXCELLENT! Thank you Aunty Ngo Moi and Uncle Joo!!!!!!
Our Lunch
Aunty Ngo Mui new dish ------Braised peanut with dried chilli. Yummy!

Siok Chai
Curry lamb with potatoes
Fry Kang kong with bean paste and chilli

Breakfast @ SP mum home

Mum bought a lot of vegetetarian breakfast for us today. Kok Kheng said mum scared that we had nothing to eat so she bought many variety of foods as below:

Fry Bee Hoon
Nasi Lemak
Soya Bean Drink
Han Chi Peng
Kaya bun
Pulut Inti

Don't know what this call! It is actually black gultinous rice.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Restaurant Kampar Fish Ball Jelly

Location: Pantai Jerejak, Penang.

Hakka Noodles
Soup with fish ball + lady finger+ cabbage + long bean with fish cake
Beancurd and bitter gourd with fish cake
Braised pork
Braised Chicken Feet
Long bean fish cake.
Anne, my gal, hubby and I had late lunch today around 1.50pm. We had Hakka noodles plus assorted dishes.
Well, all of us had the hakka noodles except my gal. She had rice. Apart from that, we had assorted type of vegetables with fish cake & braised chicken feet plus braised pork. We are late today and they finished the deep fried vegetables. So i cannot show you today. It is a very crunchy and yummy food.
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