Tuesday, 31 March 2009

西公园 @ Transfer Road, Penang

During one weekend, my gal told us that she wanted to have lunch while we were @ town. And she specifies that she wants to have some "Chu Char". Hubby has no idea where to have lunch around 1.30pm in the afternoon. As usually most of the place will wrap up their lunch hours in 30 minutes or so. Then suddenly...... I recall this shop ~ 西公园 @ Transfer Road, Penang.
For Map Location, please click here.
I never dine there before but hubby went there with my MIL for their fried rice before and told me that it tastes very delicious. My MIL also told me that it has the "Wok Hei". So since my gal wants to have chu char we decided to go there as the shop operates from 11am till late.
When we arrived there, there are only few tables of people but after we finished our order, more customers are visiting them. And by the time we leave, it is almost full house. ^o^
The uncle took our order asked us if we want any soups..... and after a range of soups the uncle named it..... we go for their
Cabbage Soup
The uncle was telling us. The cabbage soup "Ho Chiak". Kids will loves it. So we settle with the cabbage soup and the uncle is right. The soup tastes nice and sweet. My gal loves it very much and I lose count how many bowl of soup she gobbles up. ^o^ And there are many ingredients in the soup as well.
Soya Sauce Pork
Uncle also recommended this for my gal...... so we ordered this and give it a try. The pork is very thinly slices and tastes nice but hubby and I found it a bit salty to our liking. It is best to go with some white rice.
Fu Yong Omelette's
Hubby asked uncle whether there are any egg dishes? And uncle told us Fu Yong Omelette's. The Fu Yong Omelette's is very fragrant. It has a very nice aroma and it tastes nice but also a bit salty to our liking.
Assam Prawn
The last dish is the assam prawn and it tastes very nice and fresh.
Overall..... everyone of us is enjoying the meal there. And the price is very reasonable.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Keat Seng Restaurant @ Air Itam, Penang

We have tried the breakfast @ Keat Seng Restaurant before but we never try anything during night time before. As each time we passed through this place at night, it was full of people. As there are many stalls there selling different kind of foods. For that night we ordered the following foods to try:
Char Koay Kak
As I saw many people ordering this Char Koay Kak and the owner cannot stop cooking it each time I passed through the stall. So I told hubby to order this and try. Hubby comments that the koay kak is a bit too soft for him. As for me, I think it tastes not bad. ^o^
Deep Fried Belachan Bean curd
There are two stalls selling belachan bean curd. And I am eyeing for another stall deep fried belachan bean curd as I personally think that it looks more delicious compare to this. But hubby went and ordered it from the other stall as I did not mentioned which stall to order. ^o^ The bean curd tastes alright but it does not have strong aroma of belachan on it.
Bee Hoon Thn'g
This stall is situated just right in front of Keat Seng Restaurant. And there are lots of people ordering this too. And you have to wait for quite sometime to being served. ^o^
Overall, their bee hoon thn'g tastes alright.
Chicken Satay
Chee Cheong Fun
My gal ordering Chee Cheong Fun but ends up hubby finished it as my gal told me that she doesn't like it but my hubby told me that it tastes not bad.
Tom Yam Fish Meat Bee Hoon Soup
Hubby also ordered this for me to try. Don't panic when you see the colour of the tom yam. It does not tastes as spicy as it look. When it is being served, hubby told me this must be very spicy but after I tried it is not spicy at all. Even my gal helps herself with this tom yam bee hoon soup.
There are more stalls to try....... it is one of the place that you can try many local delicacies in one go........^o^

Sunday, 29 March 2009

King Fire Seafood @ Relau, Penang

Location: 827A, MK13, Relau, 11900 Penang.
H/P: 016 - 4872802 (AH SIN)
I decided to combine my early blog posts about this restaurant into one blog post. The restaurant that I am going to blog about is
King Fire Seafood Restaurant
There are lots to offer beside the chu char @ King Fire Seafood Restaurant. There are also Bah Kut Teh, Satay, Fish Head Bee Hoon soup.
But today I am going to blog about the "Chu Char". We went there for dinner during January 2009 and we ordered:

Curry Fish ~ RM12
There are lots of herbs aroma in the curry. The curry tastes very nice and the fish are very fresh. My gal enjoys the curry too. As she found that she still can handle the spicy from this curry.
Chinese Herbs Soup ~ RM5
"Fu Gui" Chicken ~ RM8
The chicken is very tender and succulent.
Stir Fry Kang Kong ~ RM6
Overall.... the foods are tasty and it is very reasonably price. The total bill for the night is RM33.80 (including 3 rice). The serving is quite big too!
Chu Char taken on 29.07.2008

Map Location

Banana Leaf Spare Ribs
The spare ribs is very tender and melt in your mouth. Not Bad..... Should Try!!!!

Kam Hiong Shark Fish Fillet
wow..... this is very nice. It is a bit spicy only. Even my gal try it and say it is very nice.

Watercress Soup
Very nice soup. It's been a long time that we did not drank this soup and my gal drank many bowls. 

Stir fry french beans with pork mince and mushroom
Overall...... the food is quite nice and the price is acceptable. With the above dishes plus 3 big plate of rice, it cost us RM33.40
SATE JAWA - Chicken and Lamb Satay
This satay stall sauce is very special. A bit like rojak sauce. And you have to put lime with it. So when you eat that you feel very refreshing. And it is quite cheap. It cost RM5.00 for the above satay.
This stall is located in the same restaurant.
Chu Char taken on 22.08.2008

Stir fry bitter gourd with chicken

Curry Prawn in fresh coconut
wow...... we were recommended to try this dish. It turn out to be nice. But if you does not like the herbs than you will not like it as it has a very strong aroma of herbs. If you like otak - otak, then you will love this dish. Worth to try!!!!
Hot Plate Bean curd
Overall..... this stall chu char taste nice and cheap too. 

Friday, 27 March 2009

MR. POT CAFE @ Lebuh Farquar, Penang

During the last week of December 2008, we went to town for some shopping. By the time we arrived town, it was traffic jam all the ways. We were so hungry and just grab whatever that is fast and quick. And we saw Mr. Pot, and we went to try since we saw many floggers blog about it before.

Interior of Mr. Pot
Location: No. 8 MWE Plaza, Lebuh Farquar, Georgetown, Penang.
Map Location
After browsing through the menu, we decided to order:

Dragon Fruit Drink
Hubby ordered this. By the time the drink arrive, my gal and I looked at each other. ^o^ It's red dragon fruit........ it is rich in vitamin though. Hubby had his first sip and out of surprised, he told us to try it as he claimed that it is very refreshing. And we tried some and found that it tastes nice and refreshing.
MR. POT Ice cappuccino
I had this and since it is a very hot day and this helps me to cool down and the ice cappuccino tastes ok but a bit sweet towards my liking.

BBQ Chicken Spaghetti
Hubby comments that the bbq does not tastes nice as it is mainly burnt. And the spaghetti is just ok. But my gal is the one to finish it all. ^o^

Nasi Lemak Rendang
Well..... the nasi lemak tastes just so-so to me.

Ice-cream Toast
Hubby also ordered ice-cream toast to try. And it turns out to be great. Although it is a very simple things to do. 
Our total bill for this lunch cost us RM40.90.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Zealand Seafood @ Gurney Drive, Penang

At the beginning of January this year, we went to Zealand Seafood for our late breakfast cum lunch. It is over the weekend and all of us sleep in. So by the time we are ready for food hunt, it's almost lunch time. ^o^
Zealand Seafood
Location: 62 Gurney Drive 10250 Penang.
Tel: 012-4738877
Some menu on the wall
Business hours: 7.30am - 2.45pm and 6pm - 11.30pm
Since, it's our lunch time and my gal would like to have some bah kut teh as she saw people ordering that. And she told us that she would like to have some too. So we order:
Bah Kut Teh
Zoom version of Bah Kut Teh
The Bah Kut Teh is dark in colour compares to the one in Song River Bah Kut Teh. My gal enjoy having the soup. And half way through we were top up with more hot Bah Kut Teh soup. My gal is so happy and sip more and more. The pork is very tender.
Yew Char Kuih
Deep Fried Chicken with Special Sauce
Hubby would like to order some chickens for our gal. And the person who took our order that told us it is only "little' spicy. But when the chicken arrived, both hubby and my gal said it is very spicy for them. So I am the one have to finish all of it. ^o^ For those who cannot take spicy food should omit this dish.
Deep Fried Fish
Hubby eyes went "BIG" when he heard that they have this deep fried fish. As it's been very long time that he did not eat this kind of fish. The reason being that I never prepare deep fried food in my kitchen. Unless some one do the deep fried job. So most of the time we get to eat deep fried stuff when we went back to my MIL place.
Hubby enjoyed the fish so much and we (my gal and I) are fortunate that hubby help us to take out the fish meat. lol
Stir Fry French Beans
French beans again???? Yes.... my gal loves it very much. And it looks similar with the Song River Bah Kut Teh stir fry french beans, right? That's what we said when the order came in. Anyway.... it's equally delicious.
We had a very full lunch after that and will come back when we need some "Chu Char" as they have extensive menu for us to choose. lol
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